Conferences. I love them. Always have a good time. Always meet great people. So what's the problem?

For one thing, I live in the sticks. Attending any con is a major operation, requiring planes, trains, and/or automobiles in great abundance. It costs me five hours' travel just to get out of Michigan by car, and flying requires a puddle-jumper ride first and last, which adds a lot to the expense (and the nail-biting, these days).

Secondly, I have two books pending but nothing to sell. Giving away postcards or bookmarks in October (Bouchercon) or November (Crime Bake) would be the best I could do, and I doubt people will keep said giveaway under their pillow for two months, waiting with bated breath until the book is available. Not when there are hundreds of authors present who have actual books to sell.

On the up side, it's all about meeting people. Talking to other authors face-to-face, discovering that we share the same frustrations and joys, gawking at editors and agents and wondering what they'd be like to work with, and just enjoying the ambiance of it all. Maybe even attending a panel. It's great.

I think I've talked myself into it. Now, which one: B'con or Crime Bake?

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Comment by Dana King on September 2, 2009 at 2:19am
Never been to Crime Bake, so I have no comment either way. I made my forst Bouchercon last year in Baltimore (the mountain came to Mohamed), and it was great.

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