I just wrapped up a chat with one of my writer friends, Rebecca Forster, author of a great number of books including Silent Witness, which is one of the... best... legal thrillers... EVER... written. I swear I could not put that book down. Anyway, she's hit a set-back of sorts in her career and, for a lark, decided to put some of her back list on Kindle and she's actually doing very well. As experiments go, it hasn't been a disappointment. She suggested that I do the same with a novel I wrote two years ago called Justified Sins. It's a crime novel that I've had some nice comments on, especially from Charles Ardai at Hard Case Crime (super guy!), but nobody has bitten, and then I wrote my spy novel, which I'm now pushing as my break-through. Rebecca suggested that I put the crime novel on Kindle just for grins and giggles.

I'm not expecting a best-seller or anything like that. I'd almost rather put it in the trunk and do something else with the characters involved, but who can it hurt?

Anyway I thought I'd put the question out to your, faithful readers. Should I put Justified Sins on Kindle or not?

The story involves a modern-day Paladin named Steve Dane in his quest against crime. He must protect his foster sister from a crime syndicate after her reformed-thief husband pulls a double-cross on the Outfit and ends up dead for his efforts. Dane tears into the Outfit gang and blows the hell out of their operations. Think a cross between Mack Bolan and Batman minus the tights.

What do you think?

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Comment by I. J. Parker on January 26, 2010 at 12:20am
Well, that depends on what the chances are of selling it to another print publisher. If they are slim to none, I'd give Kindle a shot. In fact, if my trilogy doesn't find a nibble by March, I'll do the same. I should add, that my books are not reprints.

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