To the girl reading The Gentle Axe on the yellow line

It's always been a fantasy of mine to spot someone on the tube (aka London Underground) reading one of my books. I don't think I would ever actually say anything to them. It might be just a little too odd. (Though possibly I might have to say something, just to explain why I was looking at them like a stalker and grinning weirdly to myself.)

So far it's never happened, but I learnt yesterday that the next best thing has. Maybe it's an even better thing, I don't know. You decide. Yesterday, the google web alert that I have set up for "Gentle Axe" (yes, I'm that sad) alerted me to this "Missed Connections" personal announcement that someone has posted in Washington, DC. A guy had spotted a "stunning brunette" reading my book, The Gentle Axe, on the yellow line (from King Street to Archives). He had struck up a conversation with her, asking her if she had read Crime and Punishment. He didn't push it, not wanting to "be a bother". So the conversation had ended without him asking her things he really wanted to. Like, how about lunch? Truly, a missed connection.

So he posted the announcement, hoping that she would see it, and they would be able to pick up where they had left off. Call me an old romantic, but the story really touched me. I hope she gets in touch with him. I love the idea of them getting together because of my book.

And if either of you literary yellow line commuters, by any chance, happen to stumble across this entry, please get in touch and let me know what happens. It might be too far for me to come to the wedding, but I'd love an invite!

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Comment by I. J. Parker on January 23, 2010 at 8:24am
Google web alert? What fun! Must try that. Thanks much.

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