Today's Writers: Tricks of the trade - A beautifully turned phrase vs. page turner

Today’s Writers: Tricks of the trade column discusses the merits of spending hours, days and even months to craft that perfect phrase or sentence, while the novel languishes on the back burner. Lots of good advice in this one.

What makes it special for me is that my co-author of the cozy Silver Sisters Mysteries, my artist sister Phyllice, provided this artwork from her new series of “reading” tee-shirts. Many thanks to Phyllice. By the way, we have embarked on the journey of writing our next Silver Sisters adventure, “Diamonds in the Dumpster.” Book 3, “Vanishing Act in Vegas” will be out late this year, but if we hadn’t practiced the advice in today’s Tricks of the Trade, there might not have been a book 1, 2 or 3.


Would love you to comment at the bottom of the article about the topic itself and my sister’s whimsical artwork.


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