The Raven Affair
Steven Nedelton
ISBN: 9781934337783
Asylett Press
(paperback, soon e-book, kindle)

Reviewed By Renee Washburn
Official Apex Reviews Rating: FIVE STARS

A no-nonsense assassin at the top of his game, The Raven is a highly
effective "problem solver" whose methods and results are beyond question. So,
with the end of World War II long since passed and an infamous war criminal
still on the loose, Interpol agents desperate to bring the sadistic killer to
justice have no other option but to call on the only one even more vicious than
he is...little does The Raven know, though, his handlers have much more sinister
plans in mind for his services...

Taut, engaging, and supremely well written, The Raven Affair is a superb instant
classic. With more than its fair share of break-neck action and mindnumbing
suspense, author Steven Nedelton's compelling political thriller is a fastpaced
page turner, the literary equivalent of such silver screen jewels as the Bourne
series. Further bolstering the high-stakes mystery tale is a highly believable
central storyline of murder and mayhem in the name of global domination – quite
the tantalizing fodder for fans of complex narratives involving intricate
conspiracy theories brought to vivid life on the page.

With nonstop action and intriguing, well defined characters, The Raven
Affair is a bona fide literary thrill ride guaranteed not to disappoint.
Highly recommended.

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