We have had number of Twitter Parties @ #TrestlePress. The experiment has worked on many levels and it has been doing it. The obvious benefit is the increased number of followers but we have much more comes of it. In investigating what goes into a successful Twitter Party we have a few things which I would like to share with you right here. Here is the link and what we found:

What Is a Twitter Party?

A twitter party is a fast and fun virtual party, using the twitter platform. Usually held in the evening, twitter parties typically last 1-2 hours and are a wonderful way for people to connect and discuss a topic of choice. Most twitter parties have an expert panelist and party host to keep the party on topic.


How does a twitter party work?

Twitter users tweet with a specified Hashtag (#) for the party. The party host will announce the hashtag prior to the event. If you look at the twitter party calendar, parties are listed by the hashtag (#). Users use their tweet chat client to search for the hashtag and join in the conversation. Tweetdeck and Tweetgrid make following a twitter party much easier.


What are the benefits of attending a twitter party?

Twitter parties are a great way to connect with new friends using the power of social media. People get together for fun, friends and support. Often times twitter parties have some great prizes to give away.


What are the benefits of sponsoring a twitter party?

Twitter parties are a wonderful way to ignite conversation around your brand. A twitter party can generate thousands of tweets in under two hours. Twitter parties are an excellent way to introduce new products or services, start a conversation about your niche, or get better acquainted with an enthusiastic group of people.

Please join us at 4pm EST over #TrestlePress, it gets busy, fun, fast and furious.

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