Unabridged audio book DI Horton Dead Man's Wharf narrator gets great review from AudioFile Mag

Gordon Griffin is the narrator of the unabridged audio books in the DI Andy Horton series . Gordon is the voice of DI Andy Horton and the other characters in the Horton novels and is currently recording Footsteps on the Shore. This will be followed by A Killing Coast and Death Lies Beneath.

The unabridged audio book Dead Man's Wharf, the fourth in the DI Horton series, has received a great review from Audio File Magazine.

"Narrator Gordon Griffin speaks with an educated British accent, differentiating each character in this mystery through a slight alteration in pitch and cadence. His pace is measured, and his tone is grave. This is not to criticize, however. One must not forget that the topic is murder.

Gordon Griffin's delivery also enhances the story's setting, the Solent area of the south coast of England, with its atmosphere of mist and the scent of the sea. As gruff Inspector Andy Horton uncovers fact after fact concerning the mysterious deaths at a nursing home, the scope of the crimes only seems to grow. Griffin makes us feel the pain and terror of hidden violence. It's a moving portrayal."

D.R.W. AudioFile Magazine 2013, Portland, Maine

Hailed by AudioFile Magazine as, ‘not simply a reader but the artist of the spoken word,’ Gordon Griffin has been an actor for over 40 years. He’s performed in everything from Shakespeare to rock musicals and such British favourites as The Likely Lads, When the Boat Comes in and Kavanagh QC. He’s also one of the people telling you to "Mind the Gap" on the London Underground! In addition to acting both on stage and screen he is a composer, lyricist and cabaret singer. For the past 20 years he’s also been involved in recording over 500 audio books, almost all are unabridged – that’s a lot of recording.

For more information about Gordon Griffin visit his website

The DI Andy Horton novels are published by Severn House in the UK Commonwealth and the USA and the unabridged audio crime novels by Isis Publishing.

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