As expected, Saturday was a party at Creatures ‘n Crooks Bookshoppe in Richmond, VA. Many of my favorite local authors were there, not for a signing or reading but just to be present for the readers. We did appear to attract a crowd of customers and I saw several armloads of books leave the store. We can only hope we inspired enough business to save the store.

When I got home I found a cool surprise - the latest issue of the International Thriller Writers newsletter, The Big Thrill. In addition to a lot of other cool stuff it contains my review of JoAnn Ross’ latest novel, “Shattered.” This book is the new entry in her High Risk series, military thrillers with a definite romantic edge. It was a joy to write this review, because the author of this awesome book turned out to be an awesome lady. Want proof? Read my review of Shattered.

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