I am surprised that someone actually had to suggest to me that I read this. I had read it, loved, and being the genius that I am thought I had already posted on it. But, low and behold, I had not .Go figure! I need to talk about this digital short story, because it rocks flat out. But let’s hold our horses here for a minute. Yesterday on my blogtalk radio show ,The G-ZONE, I had Big Daddy Abel on and we had a blast, going from one subject to another including getting into a debate on where and who has the best cheesesteaks. Here is the link for the fun: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/gelatisscoop/2011/04/28/big-daddy-abel...

Seriously if have some time, you will want to listen in on a good time, check it out, have a laugh. Today my guest in none other than Blake Crouch! He jumps in The G-ZONE @ 4pm EST. Okay back to our regularly scheduled post: The Gift. Here is what is between the virtual covers:

“When you get a package and open it, don't you wonder what the surprise inside is? Aren't you anxious to have fun with it? This is one vampire tale that is so twisted and flipped that you will have no idea what is coming at you. Be wary of what is before you, and enjoy what you are to receive when you download and open The Gift. This is one digital short story that packs a twisted wallop.”

This is a story with a twisted kick to it. I don’t do spoilers, will not do spoilers, but you need to consume this read to the very twisted end. I love it. Werner Lind has a way with words and the Gift is a nice, tight, bundle that is packaged for you. Are you a vampire freak? If you are then this bad boy is for you, do not pass it up. Do you like digital short stories of any type that rule? Than this is the story for you. Suspense, action, and a twisted plot, what more can you ask for in a $.99 download?

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