What is your writing style? Mine,well, that is kind of backward.

Happy Monday to everybody! Okay, stop grumbling, a new week has started; let’s get rolling. I ask every author I get the privilege to speak with,  “What is your style: do you outline?, Do you  just go with your idea? Do you do a little of both?” Basically I have come to the conclusion that each is different no matter what and the style choices are just as individual as snowflakes. I get to ask Joel Andre this same question a little later on today on my blogtalk radio show The G-ZONE,


I am looking forward to his answer. What is mine you might ask? Well it is a bit different than most. Put my name in the Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nookbook toolbar and you will see why. I write with a wide assortment of accomplished authors that span a wide array of genres. I have yet to be nailed down to just one. We in The Author’s Lab/Collaboration series have tackled every genre from YA/all ages to hard core horror and just about everything in between. We have even done non-fiction with Big Daddy Abel discussing global warming in “The Edge of Cataclysmic”. The titles under just my name, there are two, are about playing bocce, which I actually do and enjoy. Most of the authors I speak to tell me write what I know, so I went with something I know a bit about. Along the way I try to inject a bit of humor to lighten the mood up a bit.

Basically I am more used to writing with someone than not, which is quite the reverse of everyone else. Most authors I have jammed with have told me this was their first time stepping out of their personal comfort zone and sharing a universe with someone, kind of scary at first, but after we begin to roll, they find it is fun and in many ways liberating. Jazzing off of someone makes things a bit unpredictable, brings a sense of apprehension and also anticipation as to where things are going to go and what is around the corner. It has unlocked doors for many that I have worked with, incited their creative juices, got them flowing and allowed them to write anew with a different vision of their worlds and how to bring them forward. What we do in The Author’s Lab/Collaboration is not one upmanship; it is a synergy to produce the best story, a seamless and fun experience for the reader, something that if you didn’t know it was written by two or more authors you wouldn’t be able to tell. I have tried from the first story to include a core group of characters into each story thus keeping things continuous for the readers so they flow no matter what the genre each and every week.

The authors I have worked with have embraced that concept and taken everything we have set to do to a new level each and every time. Now when I try to write by myself(“I Have Chrome Balls ,Don’t You?” and the recently released “Holy Chrome Balls on Fire”) , I find it at times difficult to stay focused. I have no one to jam with; it is just me all by my lonesome self. I miss the interaction to be honest with you; I prefer to jam, fortunately, I do get to that, and will continue to each and every week. Do yourself a favor, if you haven’t checked out an installment of The Author’s lab/Collaboration do so, see what we have been able to do these many months, we have about 20 installments already with another dozen in various stages of completion, and tell me if what I have just said is not true. If you think it looks like fun, and we have had plenty of fun, and you want to be part of this grand experiment, drop me a line; I am more than honored to work with you: gelati.giovanni@gmail.com .

New from Trestle Press authors this week: Chantal Boudreau “Weighing Fate”, Mark Cooper “How I met Your Mother”, Darren Sant “A Good Day”, Mark Miller “Daniel’s Lot” & “Meant to Be”, Wenona Hulsey “Burden of Blood”, Joan Meijer “The Rescue”, Robert Ford “The Curse of The Translucent Monster”, Laurie Bowler “Fangs, Inc. The Tortured Revelations”, Michelle Vasquez “Second Hand Bookstore”, Ed & Eunice Vought “Best Friends #4” , Thad Brown, “Lights Out”, William Tooker,”Bad Angels”, April Pohren, “Dream Me To Death”, Angelique LaFontaine & Eddie Frantom,”Thirty -1 Reckless”’ John Reed “Winter Hill Exhumed”, Allan Leverone/Paul D. Brazill ” The Darke Affair”, Julia Madeleine “The Devil’s Music: Raised in Hell”, Paul D. Brazill “Brit Grit”, Molly Edwards “The Willow Spring Killer”, John Reed ”Another Lousy Day in Paradise”, Alexandrea Weis “For You”from The NOLA series, and Giovanni The G-Man Gelati “Holy Chrome Bocce Balls on Fire”.               

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