Where in the Blogsphere is Anthony S. Policastro?

My blog tour for both of my novels, Dark End of the Spectrum and Absence of Faith has started.

Below is where I will be in the Blogsphere.

Many thanks to all my fellow bloggers and authors who are supporting me in this tour.

September 14, 2009 www.aliceosborn.blogspot.com Alice Osborn
September 15, 2009 http://elisalorello.blogspot.com/ Elisa Lorello
September 16, 2009 http://sarahweathersby.blogspot.com/ Sarah Weathersby
September 17, 2009 http://midnightwhistler.blogspot.com Ellen and Jon Batson
September 18, 2009 http://jonbatson.blogspot.com. Jon Batson
September 19, 2009 The Writer's Edge
September 20, 2009 Writing is about putting yourself to words
September 21, 2009 http://www.susanwhitfield.blogspot.com Susan Whitfield
September 22, 2009 http://onlinebookreview.org/ Stacey Cochran
September 23, 2009 http://askwendy.wordpress.com/ Wendy Burt
September 24, 2009 Publish and Sell Henry Hutton

Both DARK END OF THE SPECTRUM and ABSENCE OF FAITH are available as paperbacks from Outer Banks Publishing Group, Amazon.com and as ebooks from Smashwords.com and the Amazon Kindle.

Both books will soon appear on Barnes and Noble's new ebook site.

Visit my blogs for tips on writing, publishing, and books, WRITING IS ABOUT PUTTING YOURSELF TO WORDS and THE WRITER'S EDGE.

Interviews can be found at

The Lulu Blog

Ask Wendy - The Query Queen


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