Who do you see playing Inspector Horton?

I’m often asked this question. Who would play Inspector Andy Horton if there was a film or television series made of my Marine Mysteries. It’s quite a tricky question to answer in a way because my view of the actor to play Andy Horton might not fit with yours.
Andy Horton has had a tough upbringing. Illegitimate and brought up on the streets of Portsmouth, his mother abandoned him as a child. He has no idea where she is or even if she is alive. Horton has been raised in children’s homes and with a succession of foster parents which makes him a loner, but with a desperate desire to belong. He finds this sense of belonging through joining the police service. He’s fearless where others are concerned, strong, an action man rather than a thinker with a strong sense of justice. He’s fairly tall, muscular and fit with short cropped fair hair. He rides a Harley and lives on boat. The rest I leave to you.

He first appears in Tide of Death, then Deadly Waters, The Suffocating Sea and soon, Dead Man’s Wharf. If you've read any of my Inspector Horton novels, how do you see him? Let me know if you have any thoughts on this.

I've also just posted a new video on this site. I'm talking to Rob Richardson about character development.

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