Another week? Gone already? Yet again, no writing or editing this week, but I’ve managed to get some book-related work done.

After some umming and ahhing, I’ve finally chosen the video producer for my book trailer. He’s Aussie-based and has done some recent work for Pan Macmillan Australia, my Aussie publisher. You can see a few of his book trailers at:

I’ll be working on two book trailers with him, the first will be for the North American release of The Killing Hands (November 1). It will give readers and potential readers a quick snapshot into the book. I’ll let you know when it’s ready!

Next up will be another 30-second trailer for the Aussie release of book 5 in the Sophie Anderson series, Kiss of Death (release date is 1 January 2010). Again, I’ll post it on my website once it’s ready.

I’m still finding the book trailer ‘thing’ very interesting – obviously it’s a marketing tool but will it have the desired effect and bring new readers to Sophie? Only time will tell :)

And yes, that is a sneak peak of the North American cover for The Killing Hands below! What do you think?

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