Merry Christmas everyone!! I'm not a white Christmas fan, myself. These are the days I long for more tropical climes. I can't actually go this year, but I can do the next best thing - take a fictional trip in a good mystery novel. If you feel as I do, let me recommend "Square Snapper," a fun romp in Bermuda, penned by Deborah Middleton.

In this police procedural, the Bermuda Police are beset by a veritable epidemic of suspicious deaths that are paralleled in Florida. Bermuda detectives work in concert with the Dade County Police to unravel the string of murders and bring down a major drug trafficking ring. A professional assassin and a crazed television evangelist help to raise this tropical mystery above the average.

Middleton knows her setting because she is a Bermudian. She has also lived in Costa Rica, the Cayman Islands, Italy, the U.K. and the U.S., and has settled in Mallorca. (Look it up.) I've been angling for a visit.
BTW, Middleton has a lovely web site that opens with a sweet bit of animation.

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