Day Two of Preparing for Malice: Now it's time to be sure I have all the non-clothing stuff covered.

I have packed bookmarks and books, business cards and copies of relevant documents. I have my passport (I know where D.C. is, but we may return through Canada, so there.) I have two suitcases: an on-the-road dufflebag and my official Malicewear suitcase. So what's left to do?

I need to make sure that my laptop has everything on it that I might need while I'm gone. I tend to forget to bring things like passwords and email addresses, and when I need to get into a site or contact someone, I can't. I know, there should be a file somewhere, and there probably is, but it won't be up to date and it won't be easy to find. Schedule that for this evening, while I watch the Tigers lose yet another game.

My panel is on the history of sleuthing, but I'm not the moderator, so I just have to discuss. That I can do. I should review the questions the moderator sent once more, though.

Then I have to make sure my S.O. can find things like cat litter and peanut butter, and I think I'm good to go!

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