The deadline for my second book is fast approaching. It will be a collection of unsolved crimes, but vastly different from the typical anthologies of unsolved crimes. All the cases are very much active, and in many ot them, there is a likelihood someone will actually be convicted. That said, it has been a very unusual experience researching this book than my past projects! I have interviewed so many people over the years who have lost someone close to them that I cannot begin to count. After 20 years as a journalist, I have developed a knack for interviewing victims and their families. This book will contain interviews with many family members of murder victims, and explore their perspectives. There are certain common elements -- it is more common, for example, to find parents of murdered or missing kids divorced than together. Father blames mother, mother faults father, and the who marriage often ends in chaos and tragedy. The book also has a great policing aspect to it, which covers everything (literally) from forensic facial reconstruction to age enhancement artwork, and investigative tools to exhumations. I'm pretty proud of what I've done so far.

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