do-24-world-tourToday I join in the World Blog Tour. I've done something similar in the past but I hope to keep it going by first, thanking the one who proceeded me, Sherri Hanson, (, and by passing the torch to other writers.

First, though I was given four questions to answer. Please visit Sherrie's blog for her answers and next week visit those who follow. You might find something interesting.

1. What am I working on?

Well, definitely not my tan since we've been having some warm temps, then windy, then rain, then this week, cold. My apartment heat is back on.

However, I am going to assume that the questions refers to writing so I'll say, the sequel to Night Shadows. I've printed the pages and going through each chapter and revising, adding, deleting, moving, replacing and everything else one does during the rewrite stage.

2. How does my work differ from others in the genre?

I could brag and say my stuff is primo quality, but that trash those authors I really enjoy and those who are definitely better.

I think one of the interesting things about my books is that all take place in Des Moines. Everybody does Miami, New York, L.A. Chicago, Houston, but not too many authors do Des Moines. Also, I use actual places (granted, some of those places have ceased to exist since publication or since I began the project) but you can visit the scene settings.

3. Why do I write what I do?

Because I don't know how to write anything else. I'd be terrible at romance or historical fiction or erotica. I've dabbled in sci-fi, and I may still take a shot one day, but mystery and horror I know.

4. How does my writing process work?

I'm not sure how to answer this question because it entails, or could entail a wide range of aspects. Editing, marketing, first drafts, research, critique groups. Frankly, I don't want to get into a lengthy explanation of stuff I've covered before in other interviews and posts.

However, let me say this, my writing process is completely different from every other writer's. It has to be. No two writers have the same style because each of us is an individual with different ways of doing things. We can share and borrow or steal ideas and methods but we have to adapt them to our own style. One of my author interview questions asks advice on how to develop a writing style because that author's may not work for me? I get all kinds of answers but one thing I see often is, just start writing. The process will develop itself. You will make mistakes and find what works for you. It may not be the most efficient for others but it may work for you. If it doesn't tweak it and find what does work.

Anyway, I thank you for reading and I encourage you to visit the following authors' sites. They may or may not have the same questions/answers, but check them out anyway.

Mike Wilson

Rachel Eliason

Rachel Eliason is a transgender woman and writer living in the Midwest. She writes contemporary YA stories under her given name and fantasy/science fiction under the name R. J. Eliason.

Her contemporary YA novels published as Rachel Eliason include Run, Clarissa, Run, The Case of Nikki Pagan, and The Best Boy Ever Made. Rosie and the Slenderman is expected to be released in the summer of 2014. Her fantasy novels published as R. J. Eliason include the Bear Naked saga, Bear Naked, Bear Naked 2: Wolf Camp. Bear Naked 3: The Hunter and the Hunted is slated for fall of 2014.

Rachel is active on many social media and can be found on twitter @racheleliason, Facebook, Google + and Pinterest, to name a few.


Rachel Eliason:

R. J. Eliason:

Now if I am understanding this correctly, I need to answer the four questions on my blog, mentioning you in the blog. Then at the bottom I mention three other writers. Kind of like a chain letter. ;-) Is that correct?

Kathryn Daugherty


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