Wow, The Nemesis Cell is in an Amazon Top 20 (Kindle edition)

I can hardly believe it, but this morning, the Kindle edition of The Nemesis Cell (cover on right) was placed at #19 in the Amazon UK's list of their Top 100 bestselling crime/mystery/thrillers,medical novels. There are a lot of great novelists in that list including my own heroine Tess Gerritsen so I'm very proud to be up there for the moment, even if it doesn't last for long.

The UK kindle version is available from Amazon UK and the US Kindle edition is at

The paperback, (cover on left), is available from

Book Description

September 14, 2011
A group of women gather at a Belgian fertility clinic where Doctor Margherita Dumas offers a revolutionary and decidedly experimental treatment for their infertility. A year later, each of the women give birth to a healthy baby boy, it would seem that the doctor's controversial methods have been successful. Thirty years later a mysterious killer stalks and begins to wipe out the children born as a result of Dumas' programme. Is there a link between the events of the past and the deaths of the innocent progeny of the Clinique Sobel? Detective Inspector Harry Houston and his specialist team of murder investigators must piece together the complex web that links the deaths across nations and leads to a terrifying conclusion as the story of The Nemesis Cell unfolds!

Editorial Reviews


Brian L. Porter's true talent is taking a genre and reinventing it. He shows this yet again in The Nemesis Cell. You can expect the unexpected and still be surprised. Leave it to Porter's highly sensitive understanding of human nature to know where to go to scare us most ... our children.
Kristina Dalton, author',Vampire's Lover, The King's Right

Porter has done it again, and crafted another page turner. Nothing is more frightening than the thought of something happening to our children. THE NEMESIS CELL takes this fear and ratchets it up a notch in this thrill a minute read. Some of the characters are sympathetic, some are chilling, but all are riveting.
CK2S Kwips and Kritiques
Book Review

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