Today’s Writers tricks of the trade deals with tapping into your own emotions and experiences to write what your characters are feeling. This allows you to make a wide detour around clichés and create dimensional characters that feel real to the reader.


On the “what’s going on with Morgan front” I’m diligently working to finish the manuscript for my “Writers Tricks of the Trade – The ABCs of Writing Fiction” book. My target is to have it to the editor by June 15. The book will have 39 tips, tricks and techniques sections—yeah, some letters warrant more than one entry—based upon the column but with more info that can be used right away. I’m excited and you may have noticed that many of the recent columns make reference to a letter of the alphabet. The annotated pre-proof for “Vanishing Act in Vegas,” the next Silver Sisters crime caper, is now with the publisher and I expect release later in the year.


If you are a reviewer or published author and would like to review it or submit a quip about it for the quip section of the book, feature me on your blog or podcast, let me know. I still have room for four or five in the book and of course lots of room on the Silver Sisters website. You have to be willing to read the PDF of the proof when it's available. This time I’m collecting them early. Phyllice and I will be plotting the next one, “Diamonds in the Dumpster,” when I go to Oregon at the beginning of June so we can put our heads together in person. Check out my new blog at http://morgan-stjames.blogspot.com


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