Your an idiot if you're not reading,watching, listening, etc....

I always want to know who's flying below the radar & what I'm missing out on. I don't want that to happen to you. With that it mind, here's my list of authors, books, movies & music that I would'nt want you to miss. A couple of great debut novels, Josh Brazell's "Beat The Reaper", Tom Schreck's "On The Ropes", Daniel Suarez's " Daemon", and Daniel Depp's ( Johnny's brother ) "Losers Town". If you haven't read David Moody's, "Hater" the 1st in a trilogy, you must track it down. If you loved C. McCarthy's, "The Road" or R. Matheson's, "I Am Legend" this is for you. If your looking for a great new author you have'nt yet discovered yet, start with this list. Not in any particular order. Irelands master crime writer, Ken Bruen's Jack Taylor series, his Sgt.Brant series, or his stand alones, "Once Were Cops", "American Skin", or "London Boulevard". Craig McDonald is fantastic. Try his debut "Head Games" or his newest "Toros & Torsos". If you love mysteries, don't miss Craig's 2 books of interviews of todays best mystery writers, "Art in the Blood" & soon to be released "Rogue Males". William Gay is one of America's finest authors that few know about. Dont miss out on William's "Twilight" or "The Long Home" & soon to be released "The Lost Country". No list should be without Daniel Woodrell, and his masterpiece "Winters Bone". It still amazes me how few have read and are familar with Cormac McCarthy. Yes, some have read the "The Road" or " No Country For Old Men", but most have missed out on " Child of God" and Blood Meridian". Do not miss out on Philly's finest, Duane Swierczynski & 3 wonderful books "Wheelman, The Blonde, & Severance Package" or his non fiction title "This Heres A Stickup" the consumate book on bank robbery. Ace Atkins, of Oxford,Ms. & former Auburn football player, has a terrific series,( Nick Travers ) with a combination of the Blues & mystery, but his stand alone "White Shadow" is a don't miss. Reed Farrel Coleman's " Moe Prager" series, combines crime solving, NY, and the wine business. Great reading. If youve watched the TV Series, Dexter, but haven't read Jeff Lindsay's books it's based on. them. Finally, what list could be complete of must reads without mentioning Harry Crews & Charles Bukowski. Anything & Everything !! A couple quick music tips, Johnny Duhan, Blind Boys of Alabama, Jim White, Levon Helm & of course the one and only Tom Waits. Next time we'll talk films, places & more books. Just remember, "Before you abuse,criticize,& accuse, then walk a mile in my shoes." Elvis

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