Your Best Shot: A Writer’s Account of Domestic Violence and commentary on Gun Control

During my recent cyber-travels, I encountered a Website featuring the Coalition for Gun Control. There I found an Interview with Wendy Cukier posted on July 29 by Elizabeth Mandelman. The article discussed the impact of heightened gun control and registration on the incidence of gun-related violence against women in Canada.

It was the replies to this article that I found to be most disturbing. They were posted by persons in disagreement with Ms. Mandelman and Ms. Cukier. However, rather than expressing respectful debate and dissent, their overall wording showed a blatant disrespect and even, in some instances, personal attack. The replies argued it was not guns that were responsible for the 1989 Montreal Massacre in which 14 women were killed and another 10 were injured. Instead, it was the perpetrator’s Islamic beliefs that were a direct cause of these deaths.

On the subject of Domestic Violence, I have some first-hand knowledge. READ MORE...

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