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At 10:06pm on April 17, 2015, Clara Alber said…


I am writing this mail to you with due respect trust and humanity, Honestly, I must first ask for apology to burden your respected life and for the surprise this letter may be seen to you because we have not been in much communication. But I want you to contact me back for important issue here claraalbert1@hotmail.com


At 11:39pm on January 30, 2014, Kerry J Donovan said…

I've emailed you. :)

At 10:03pm on January 30, 2014, Kerry J Donovan said…

Truth be told, I'm a little jealous --and nervous about you reading my work now. Gulp.

At 10:02pm on January 30, 2014, Kerry J Donovan said…

Great bio - I'm even keener to start reading "The Safe Word" now. Won't be long until lunchtime....

At 10:00pm on January 30, 2014, Kerry J Donovan said…

Will do - are they open to submissions?

At 9:33pm on January 30, 2014, Kerry J Donovan said…

Thanks for the kind comment, Karen.

I only make furniture for myself (and friends) these days - my tax standing in France means that I can only work with intellectual property, not as an artisan. If I wanted to sell furniture here I'd have to register on a whole new tax bracket - too complicated, and expensive. 

And you are on. I'll give "The Safe Word" a review. Here's the proviso - I'll never write a nasty review, (except for a Bestseller - if it deserves one), but I will write a fair one. 

And another thing, I really, really hope I like your work. I'll start reading at lunchtime (in about an hour). 

Are you a self-publisher like me?

At 9:02pm on January 30, 2014, Kerry J Donovan said…

I just followed you on Twitter - I'm on Twitter as KerryJDonovan and my Facebook page is:


I don't have an author website yet (working on it), but my furniture business website (which I now only do in the summer is: http://kjdfurnituredesign.yolasite.com/

Hey, the neurobiology will help if you want to write a police procedural and the English Lit will help all around. Nice one. 


At 8:43pm on January 30, 2014, Kerry J Donovan said…

Market research is related to the IT Industry - I do the back office stuff; database design, data analysis, public domain research. - Sorry this reply's in parts, but I'm new to this Crimespace format. Hope you're receiving this okay. :)

At 8:35pm on January 30, 2014, Kerry J Donovan said…

Just bought A Safe Word and will start reading it on my kindle right away. :)

At 8:33pm on January 30, 2014, Kerry J Donovan said…

Oh - my PhD was in Sports & Exercise Physiology, specialising in Respiratory Physiology, (helps my crime scene writing). 

Congrats on the book - looking forward to reading it. 

At 8:31pm on January 30, 2014, Kerry J Donovan said…
At 8:20am on January 30, 2014, Kerry J Donovan said…

Hi Karen, 

A Shropshire lass? Nice one. I did my PhD in Birmingham and spent some time near Malvern, but lived in Northampton for 21 years before moving to Brittany.

Snap! I have three grown up kids (a girl and two boys) and three grandchildren (a girl and two boys). 

Why France? Good question. My wife and I have holidayed here forever and decided to buy a pre-retirement renovation home, in 2004. Took me five years to finish rebuilding the place and decided to retire early - couldn't stande returning to England every other month. Moved here permanently on January 10th 2007 - once they installed Broadband in our local village.

Now I spend my days as follows: paid work in the morning (market research), cycle training alternative afternoons, and writing the rest of the time. 

Self-published my first full-length crime thriller last month. So excited to have something in print at last - it's actually selling too. Whoopee. 

What about you. Are you a writer?

Cheers, Kery

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