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At 10:24am on February 11, 2008, Mark Stevens said…
Don't know if you enjoy outdoor sorts of mystery / thrillers, but thought I would pass along the suggestion of Antler Dust. Great reviews and it's fairly reasonable now (used) on Amazon. Just looking for readers! Cheers, Mark
At 11:55pm on February 1, 2008, JackBludis said…
Thinking about your furniture store experience: when you say "Now I'm a spare time author, a poorly paid, full-time resident counselor for an asylum of salespersons (which disquises itself as a furniture store)" I think of the Mamet Play "Glenn Gary, Glenn Ross."
At 6:40am on January 20, 2008, Shayk1951 said…
Well, Hi, My Other Favorite California Girl! Thanks for adding me as a friend, but you know you're more than that. :-D

At 4:21am on January 20, 2008, Neil White said…
I've moved the patio comment to where it was supposed to be. I was replying to people by commenting on my own page rather than on the page of the intended recipient. I'll get used to this. It did look a bit of a strange declaration in isolation! I think I can hear sirens in the distance.
At 3:37am on January 20, 2008, Neil White said…
Thanks for the invite. I was trying to be balanced about Youtube. I see that you just went for it! I admire your stance.
At 11:22pm on January 19, 2008, Michael Haskins said…
Mari, thanks for the comment and support. I hope you'll come by when I sign Chasin' the Wind at Mysteries to Die For in Thousand Oakes. Call Heidi, the owner, in April and ask when I'll be there. My plan for S.Cal is mid to late July. Hope to see you there and thanks again for taking the time to read my blog and write.
At 7:37am on January 19, 2008, Kelli Stanley said…
The weather has been gorgeous ... sunny, blue skies, cold, clear and crisp. Not too much wind since that small typhoon we weathered a couple of weeks ago. :)

Glad Spooky isn't spooked by it! :)

Take care, and talk to you soon--

At 2:32pm on January 18, 2008, Kelli Stanley said…
Thanks so much, Mari!! :) Hope everything is well in Westlake, and that gorgeous specimen of feline is soaking up some attention! :)

Take care, and be well!

At 12:08pm on January 4, 2008, Michael Allan Mallory said…
You ARE lucky if you get a hug from Sue Ann every month! Say hi to her for me at your next SinC meeting.

At 2:26pm on January 3, 2008, Michael Allan Mallory said…
I stand corrected about the Australia reference. Your coon cat is a beauty. Mine is the standard taupe color. I got him from a breeder, which is how I know he's pure bred. Buddy is now 14 years old. I finished "Holy Pail" three weeks ago. The last third of the book really moves along. I met Sue Ann at Bouchercon 2006. She's a spark plug. I took a photo of her hugging Marilyn, the co-author of my book. It's on our website: Look under photos.

At 10:07am on January 3, 2008, Michael Allan Mallory said…
Hi Mari,
Thanks for the the invitation. Great coon cat! I have a pure bred Maine Coon. He's lying next to me right now. They are characters! I'm a fan of Sue Ann Jaffarians, as well. She's a friend. So you spent New Year's Eve in Australia? Cool! That's someplace I'd love to go.

At 4:38pm on January 2, 2008, Sarah M. Chen said…
Hi Mari. Thanks for the invite and maybe I'll see you this Sunday in Pasadena. btw, i LOVE Christa Faust. She's a hoot and the coolest chick ever!
At 7:17am on January 2, 2008, Katie said…
I already in SinC and their group Guppies for us never before been published. They're great. Especially Guppies. One of these days I'll finish a book (I hope) I start out fine, think of these great characters, a great story, and then start writing. I usually get about 1/3 into the story when I think - wouldn't they be better as this... or maybe the plot should be...... AAACCCKKK!!!!!!

Oh well, there is still hope. Thanks for the name of the book. I need all the help I can get right now.
At 5:44am on January 2, 2008, Kelli Stanley said…
Thanks, Mari, I'd love to see you in Pasadena! I really like LA, and hope to get down there a couple of times pre-book launch. I'm planning a book tour in the southland for Fall/Winter.

Stay in touch, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)
At 6:55am on December 31, 2007, Kelli Stanley said…
Thanks for the kind words, Mari, and thanks for the add! :) And herding cats would be even tougher with a Maine Coon!! ;)

The book (and video) look great, btw--and I'm looking forward to meeting you in LA at some point (I was there for the No Crime Unpublished conference--phenomenal!)

Happy New Year, and take care! :)

At 3:21am on December 25, 2007, Jeff Sherratt said…
Hi Mari,

It's good to see your here. I know we'll be seeing each other at our LA SinC meetings in 2008. Is it going to be a great new year, or what?

Jeff Sherratt
At 12:47pm on December 7, 2007, Lawrence Kelter said…
I hope you'll take a peek at my work. I think Chalice's a blast, and hope you will too. Sorry for the late reply; been traveling for business. Looking forward to lots of great chatter.
At 1:55pm on December 5, 2007, Mari Sloan said…
Try over the course of seven years and 10 or 11 rewrites! AKKKKK!
At 4:10am on December 5, 2007, Todd Robinson said…
Yet when I miss a wrongly placed comma, I lie awake nights. I just finished the copy-edit on the first Thuglit anthology and was thoroughly horrified at what I'd missed over the course of a year.

The horror... the horror....
At 1:12am on December 3, 2007, Donna Carrick said…
Hi, Mari -- great space! I enjoyed reading your blog and watching your book promo video. Inspiring to hear you started your life at 50 -- it's never too late. But how do you find time to write with all that California Sunshine going on? Up here in the Great White North we get at least 4 months of perfect writing weather every year - ha ha. Happy writing!
Donna Carrick -

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