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At 10:13pm on December 16, 2009, RONALD FEASEL said…
Please add me my requests full. Checkout my entries here on my second novel I'm writing---Moral Dilemma at: http://www.freado.com/book/5100/MORAL-DILEMMA
And http://www.freado.com/book/5120/THE-RHYME-MAN
At 7:30am on September 19, 2009, Robin Richmond said…
Look forward to meeting you in Wigtown.
At 7:37am on September 9, 2009, Robin Richmond said…
If you ave not visited my shop in Wigtown you should do so. I have the largest stock of second hand crime fiction in UK. My shop is behind the petrol station in Wigtown. Wigtowns Book Festival is from 25th September to 4th October.

I also have travel books.
At 5:16am on November 23, 2008, Iain Rowan said…
Hi Jim,

Thanks for adding me - how come no-one's ever written that Great Peterlee Novel, I wonder...


At 8:29pm on November 21, 2008, Jim Gracie said…
Hi Lee.

Nice to hear from you on this bitter cold, Scottish morning. I will go straight to Amazon and buy your books.

My late brother lived in Hong Kong for many years before moving to Japan and teaching English as a foreign language in a city called Miyazaki. Hong Kong was a place he loved.

Have you read any of Peter May's crime books, set in Beijing?

My day time job is travel writer, but I have never been to the Far East. I am trying to distance myself from travel writing now, as travel no longer excites me. And when that happens, you won't excite your readers.
At 7:51am on November 21, 2008, Lee Weeks said…
Hi Jim
Was born in N Devon. Have you read my books? Judging by your tastes you will like them.
At 1:22am on November 19, 2008, Maria said…
Hi Jim,

Thanks for your request. I'm not a native of Darlington, but have lived here since 1979. I know the area where your daughter and family lived. I lived in Bonnybrig in Scotland for a short time, beautiful scenery.

I see you have several writing projects in the pot...me too, I only wish I could finish one of them. I have joined Nanowrimo this year in an effort to motivate me into completing a novel that has collected dust!

At 3:47am on November 18, 2008, Colin Galbraith said…
Hi Jim - great to meet another like-minded Scot on the forum :-)
At 6:26am on June 9, 2008, Jim Gracie said…
Hi Summerrain! I write guidebooks and coffee table books. If you go to http://www.allbookstores.com/author/James_Gracie.html you'll see some of them there. I'm trying to move away from travel, but it's not easy, as travel forms the main part of my income.

Glad you like M.A.S.H. and Amadeus. My ambition is to visit Salzburg one day. I nearly made it, but only got as far as Vienna, which is an amazing city.

I'm trying to write a few short stories, and I have a police procedural on the go, set in Scotland. I also have a half-written radio play and one on Edgar Allan Poe and his time in Scotland.
At 9:50pm on June 8, 2008, Yvonne Mason said…
All of your questions on Bounty Hunting will be answered beginning this week. If you don't already belong to http://www.leelofland.com/wordpress/
stop by and join.
A hunter is the person who goes after someone who is out of jail on bail and doesn't show up for court. A warrant is issued by the courts for failure to appear. It is up to the hunter to track them down and take them back to jail before the bonding company loses their bond money. I will be doing a blog every Monday at the above site. I will also be answering questions as well. I look forward to seeing you there.
At 2:06am on May 4, 2008, Jim Gracie said…
It's got something to do with placing a piece of toast in or over the booze in olden times, does it not? I think I've read the derivation somewhere, but I've forgotten it. No doubt you are in a position to enlighten me.
At 12:49am on May 4, 2008, Mike Gerrard said…
Ah, but do you know why we use the word toast to describe raising the glass?
At 1:23am on March 29, 2008, Jim Gracie said…
Hi there.

It's afternoon here, the sun is shining (sort of) though I can see a huge bank of dark cloud from my office window which is heading this way. The daffodils are blooming in my back yard, and in a couple of hours I am heading north into the Highlands to attend my son-in-law's birthday party, which is on Saturday. I will, of course, abstain from strong drink at the party (he said, lying through his teeth) and stick to coffee.

My daughter and son-in law-live about ten miles from Loch Ness, so I'll take my usual trip to see if I can see and photograph Nessie. I don't really believe in her, but you never know!

Good luck with your writing as well. When I get back home I'll be buying a stack of books, incuding yours, to read. If you Google http://www.amazon.com/Spectacular-Scotland-James-Gracie/dp/0883638347 you can see one of mine that I'm particularly proud of.
At 11:21pm on March 28, 2008, L.J. Sellers said…
Good morning Jim (is it morning in the UK?)
Just saying Hi and good luck with your writing.
At 10:07pm on March 28, 2008, Jim Gracie said…
Hi Brian.
"not the prettiest part of the country", you write.

But there are sure to be places that are as beautiful as anywhere in the UK. I'm also a travel writer, and I don't subscribe to the 'Rough Guides' and 'Lonely Planet' notion that some places aren't worth visiting. I've never been to a place yet that wasn't interesting or pretty in some way or other. Even the slag heaps and rusting winding gear of the former coal industry in Co Durham had a bleak sort of beauty. It would make a great backdrop for a crime yarn, though I am not the man to write it, as I've been away too long.
At 2:08am on March 22, 2008, Brian L Porter said…
That should have said "not the prettiest part of the country". Do forgive my typos there Jim.
At 2:07am on March 22, 2008, Brian L Porter said…
Hi Jim,

I'm in South Yorkshire, not the prettiest part fot he country, especially after living on Deeside. I lived a mere two hindred yards from the Dee when I was there, surrounded on three sides by Banchory forest, with the smell of pine trees to greet me whenever I opened my door....ah, heady happy days. I'm glad you read almost anything. Maybe one day I can entice you to try one of mine! 'A Study in Red' is selling particualrly well just now. I love Robert Goddard's books, especially Never Go Back, which was set on Deeside of course, a real favourite of mine. I have shelf full of his books, and love the way he trvels the UK for his settings, here for one book, there the next. I also admire Tess Gerritsen and Jeffery Deaver, both of whom gave me some degree of personal encouragement while I was writing 'A Study in Red'. Great people! I shall look forward to hearing more from you in the future Jim.

Best regards

At 11:04pm on March 21, 2008, Jim Gracie said…
Hi there Brian. Good to hear from you. Would this be North Yorkshire? South Yorkshire? West Yorkshire?

For a few years I lived in Co Durham, and we used to travel down into Yorkshire regularly at weekends, visiting Harrogate, Ripon, Thirsk, Helmsley, the North Yorshire Moors and the like.

In truth, I will read anything (except Westerns - something my late brother could never understand) but Robert Goddard is a particular favourite, especially for his plotting; and also for the fact that every book is a standalone, which makes a welcome change sometimes from a series (not that I don't like them as well).

I've been to most places in the UK (I'm also a travel writer) and Deeside is one of my favourite spots. Now I'm living in Dumfries and Galloway in SW Scotland. It must have more writers per suqrae mile than anywhere else in the UK apart from London.

At 7:53pm on March 21, 2008, Brian L Porter said…
Hi Jim,

We share a love of Robert Goddard's work and seem to watch the same TV shows. I used to live up in Scotland, in Banchory, but am now back south in Yorkshire.

At 1:32am on March 10, 2008, Lee Lofland said…
I knew your name sounded familiar! Good to see you, again.

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