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At 10:32am on July 4, 2009, Preetham Grandhi said…
Hi Cynde, I want to introduce you to my debut novel "A Circle of souls" which is a paranormal, murder, mystery thriller and a tale of justice and hope. Do visit to read more about the book. Make sure you sign up to win an autographed copy of the book. Thanks for your time in advance.

Best regards

Preetham Grandhi

Early Endorsements for “A Circle of Souls”

Linda Fairstein, NYT Bestselling Author: "A fascinating debut - this novel takes the reader to the darkest places in the human soul, from a writer with the authenticity to lead us there. A stunning thriller and an important read."

Judge Judy Sheindlin, star of the Judge Judy Show: "The seminal work of this fine author kept me glued to my chair until the adventure was over and the mystery solved. A great read!"

Book Synopsis:

The sleepy town of Newbury, Connecticut, is shocked when a little girl is found brutally murdered. The town s top detective, perplexed by a complete lack of leads, calls in FBI agent Leia Bines, an expert in cases involving children.

Meanwhile, Dr. Peter Gram, a psychiatrist at Newbury s hospital, searches desperately for the cause of seven-year-old Naya Hastings devastating nightmares. Afraid that she might hurt herself in the midst of a torturous episode, Naya s parents have turned to the bright young doctor as their only hope.

The situations confronting Leia and Peter converge when Naya begins drawing chilling images of murder after being bombarded by the disturbing images in her dreams. Amazingly, her sketches are the only clues to the crime that has panicked Newbury residents. Against her better judgment, Leia explores the clues in Naya s crude drawings, only to set off an alarming chain of events.
In this stunning psychological thriller, innocence gives way to evil, and trust lies forgotten in a web of deceit, fear, and murder.
At 1:44am on February 20, 2009, Charlotte Williamson said…
Hadn't heard from you in a while. Where are you? Not frozen, I hope.
At 2:33am on January 9, 2009, Charlotte Williamson said…
YOU ARE AWESOME! Glad I have you for my Crimespace and Book Place friend. My holidays were wonderful and Santa was very good to me. I count my blessing, for I know things could be worst. Bless you and Happy New Year. (Loved your artwork)
At 8:27am on January 4, 2009, JackBludis said…
Happy New Yera to you too.
At 3:26am on January 1, 2009, Jean Henry Mead said…
Thank you, Cynde. They're beautiful. Here's wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year!!
At 2:37am on December 28, 2008, Jean Henry Mead said…
Thank you, Cynde. I hope you had a lovely Christmas. My computer and I are both sick, but at least I didn't crash completely.
At 11:39am on December 17, 2008, JackBludis said…
Thanks for the card and comment.
Because of Space I'm going to remove the card though.
God bless you and Merry "Kissmas" to you too.
At 6:18am on December 10, 2008, JackBludis said…
Your choices are all fine writers. The books you have chosen are by fine writers. The movies all taken from fine books. Fine choices. OK, fine.
At 8:32am on November 2, 2008, Jean Henry Mead said…
Cynde Luv, I managed to lose your blogsite URL. Please email me at

At 2:09am on October 11, 2008, Charlotte Williamson said…
I sent you a message, but I don't think it took. (I think I hit the wrong button) Thanks for the kudos. Glad you enjoyed the story. I'm not much interested in much of anything these days. I sit and worry about our investments dwindling away. That money is supposed to last us thorugh our old age, but if things keep going as they are, we'll wind up working through our old age. I didn't think things could get much worse, but now I can understand why they were so many suicides back in 1929 when the market crashed. Here's a joke that someone sent me:
Garfield: "I was so depressed last night thinking about the up-coming election, I called Lifeline.
Got a freakin' call center in Pakistan, told them I was suicidal. They got all excited and asked if I could drive a truck."
I feel like Garfield. Prayer doesn't seem to work lately. I'm so depressed. What do you suggest?
At 2:35am on September 20, 2008, Charlotte Williamson said…
Have you received the magazine yet?
At 4:51am on September 12, 2008, Charlotte Williamson said…
Yeah. Signed up and already have several pen pals. It's great. Other writers love to share what they know. I've already learned some hot tips. Look (in the mail) for the Autumn issue of the magazine with my short story in it. You should be receiving it in the next few days.
At 5:58am on August 29, 2008, Charlotte Williamson said…
HI. Got your email re Book Place. Trying to enter info. Computer illiterate, as I am. Is there a secret?
At 5:15am on August 13, 2008, Jean Henry Mead said…

I'm trying to set up a blog tour for my new historical novel, Escape, and it's definitely helping to keep my mind off my daughter--except at night. You're such a sweet, caring person. I hope Dion knows how special you are. I will call as soon as things settle down around here. Please email me at

Thank you for your prayers.

At 8:05am on August 7, 2008, Beth Groundwater said…
Hi Cynde,
I, too, used to live in Hampton, VA and my folks are still there, so I visit often.
At 2:16am on August 7, 2008, Charlotte Williamson said…
thanks for the info & websites on blood typing. you are the only person to respond, so far. I'm checking out these websties right now.
At 1:55pm on August 4, 2008, K.R. Lewis said…
Hi Cynde:

I was away at a writer's conference in Portland for four days and just got back this evening. It almost sounds like it would be cheaper to go out and buy a brand new computer! Go to FED-EX/Kinkos. They have really sturdy boxes for sale there.
At 9:44am on August 4, 2008, Jean Henry Mead said…
Thank you, Cynde! I'm overwhelmed. I accidentally deleted your message with your screen name. Please resend to

At 5:30am on August 1, 2008, Charlotte Williamson said…
So glad you liked the story. Yeah, splitting the story into two parts was the editor's idea. I didn't have anything to do with that. I handed her the complete story, but when you hand over your manuscripts to an editor, you're at their mercy.
At 6:19am on July 30, 2008, Charlotte Williamson said…
Such colorful message attachments! I'm so computer illiterate. It took me all day to figure out how to paste my picture on "my page." I didn't grow up in a technology-filled world. Television, radio, record players, and telephone was about it. My grandkids think I"m from the stone-age. They can't imagine a world without hand-held computers and cell phones. I still play my old 45's on my phonograph. They think it's a hoot.
I mailed you a copy of the magazine with my short story in it. Hope you got it.
sorry to be so late in responding. I try to give feedback on my internet chat rooms (chat rooms!! Now ain't that a 21st Century word!) about once a week, but I don't always have the time. It's funny, but my twenty-four hour day has been reduced to twelve. Don't know how that happened.
Will mail you a copy of the September issue with the conclusion of my story in it, when it comes out.

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