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At 6:27am on August 1, 2010, Richard Godwin said…
Great blog post Margot. Any advice?
At 9:02am on June 9, 2010, Richard Godwin said…
Hi Margot and thank you for accepting and for your comment. Best,
At 12:11am on February 26, 2008, Brian L Porter said…
Hello Margot,

Glad you like my book covers, a lot of hard work went into them. They were almost all designed by a good friend of mine who 'sees' my book in his designs. 'A Horel in Paris' sounds a fascinating title. The main exception is 'A Stud yin Red' which had it's cover desgned by the publishers.

At 10:17am on January 20, 2008, Debbi Mack said…

You're so right about the importance of personal, face-to-face marketing. Never miss an opportunity to flog your book!

At 2:47pm on January 7, 2008, Regina Williams said…
Thanks for the invite. Good luck with your new book.
At 1:19pm on January 7, 2008, Debbi Mack said…
Hi Margot,

Congrats on getting your first novel published! Good luck and have fun promoting it, 'cause you'll be doing a whole lotta that now.
At 7:59am on January 7, 2008, Brian L Porter said…
Hi Margot,

Thanks for adding me. Nice to meet you.

At 7:58am on January 7, 2008, Margot Justes said…
I value both as well...a match made in cyberspace.
At 7:28am on January 7, 2008, len howlett said…
Thank you, Margot, for your kind attention. I will endeavor to be worthy of it. Seriously, I need connection with like minded spirits who value stories and those who tell them. Again, thanks.
At 6:09am on December 29, 2007, Margot Justes said…
I can't wait for the release. There is an anthology currently available Heat of the Moment-I introduce the character in the short story. All royalties from the anthology go to the Fire Safe Council of San Diego County-to help the fire victims. It was an awesome project.
At 2:25am on December 29, 2007, Sheila Connolly said…
Thanks for the add. As a one-time art historian and a willing traveler, I'd love to see your book. I'll look for it.

At 4:47pm on December 28, 2007, Thomas O'Callaghan said…
Hello, Margot! Thanks for the invite. Here's to new found friendship. Cheers!
At 12:54pm on December 28, 2007, Tony Berry said…
Hi there, Margot: It's a nice surprise to be invitred to your circle of friends - especially as I have been very inactive on Crimespace since signing up many months ago. I really must gfet around to making good use of all the help, experience and friendship the site seems to offer. Meanwhile, I have a book to finish which I haven't written a word for since way back in early November. I just wish my characters would get their act together and show me the way to the end. Cheers from Down Under, Tony
At 1:29pm on December 14, 2007, Margot Justes said…
Hi Donna,
Thank you for mentioning the anthology.
I agree, it is an awesome project. Five of the contributing authors will be signing at Centuries & Sleuths in Forest Park, December 22nd 2-5 pm. Hope to see many readers there on the 22nd.
At 11:49am on December 14, 2007, Donna Carrick said…
The anthology sounds wonderful, Margot! Wishing it every success, especially as it's for such a great cause.
All the best,
Donna Carrick
At 11:25am on December 8, 2007, Troy Nelson said…
Have a great weekend!
At 1:53am on December 3, 2007, Troy Nelson said…
Thanks for adding me!
At 1:41am on December 3, 2007, Margot Justes said…
Hi Kat,

This Cyberspace is a magical thing. To me anything I do not understand is magic, and I am surrounded by it.

If you get a chance please read my most recent blog. My publisher has put together an anthology, one common link is fire. All royalties will go to The Fire Safe Council of San Diego County. I have a story, along with 20 other Echelon Press authors. I am very excited about the project. The Heat of the Moment will be available middle of December.
At 3:38am on November 25, 2007, Margot Justes said…
Hi Michael,
I have incredible support, Echelon Press is a small traditional press, but the publisher is amazing and very accessible.I am very lucky indeed.
I like your title, what genre? As the saying goes, tell me a bit about your story...
Good luck,
At 3:28am on November 25, 2007, Michael Haskins said…
Margot, thanks for including me. My book, Chasin' the Wind, comes out in March and it is very exciting, but lots of work too. Five Star, my publisher, doesn't do much in the way of helping me promote, so I am on my own. And I thought writing it was the hard part!
Hope you have more support.

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