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At 3:33pm on July 11, 2007, Andrea Campbell said…
Hello, Marilyn,

Thanks for inviting me to be your friend.

Perhaps we will meet one day at a Sisters in Crime function as I am a member too. I'd like that.


At 8:51pm on July 9, 2007, Shirley Wells said…
Hi Marilyn. Thanks for the invite. Look forward to getting to know you.
I know what you're saying about promotion. I should be thinking about book 3 instead of thinking up ways to promote book 1!
At 9:06am on July 9, 2007, Rosemary Harris said…
i hear promotion. I'm supposed to be writing book two, but seem to be spending more time promoting book one! Are you doing a lot of library events?
At 6:20am on July 9, 2007, Joan Merrill said…
I’m looking forward to sharing writing experiences with you. I congratulate you on having produced so many novels. I know how much dedication it takes. You have to love it.
I have “finished” a mystery novel, still needing some fact checking and editing. My plan is to hire an editor and then put it on a print and demand website such as
Reason: I don’t want the hassle of trying to sell and promote it. Yet don’t want it to land in a drawer, as some kind of hobby product.
Any thoughts? Any suggestions for an editor? Your opinions are welcomed.
(My icon has no meaning; it was the only graphic I had stored in my computer.)
At 5:20am on July 9, 2007, Jennie Bentley/Bente Gallagher said…
Hi, Marilyn. Thanks for the invitation. I'm thrilled to be your friend!
At 5:04am on July 9, 2007, Rosemary Harris said…
Hi MM,
Thanks for the add. So how did your promotional efforts work out? I've registered for LCC for next year. Good show?
At 5:01am on July 9, 2007, Sheri Fresonke Harper said…
Hey, I like Bears but only seen a small part of S. California. Thanks for the invite, I'll think on your contest.
At 4:54am on July 9, 2007, Lynda Fitzgerald said…
You go, girl! Happy to be on your page.
At 4:10am on July 9, 2007, Adriane Reesey said…
Good day Ms. Meredith. Thank you for the invitation to join your list of friends.
At 3:32am on July 9, 2007, Jan Christensen said…
Hi Marilyn. Good to see you here, and thanks for the invite.
At 3:19am on July 9, 2007, Billie A Williams said…
Hi Meredith,
Thanks for the invite. Your books sound great! So many books so little time - as Stephen King says if you don't have time to read - you don't have time to write or you can't write or some such thing. So read on - Write on!
At 3:11am on July 9, 2007, Peg Herring said…
Hi, Marilyn! I guess I'll have to find one of your books, since we like all the same authors!
At 3:07am on July 9, 2007, Debbie Behrens said…
Hi, Marilyn, thanks for the invite!
At 2:31am on July 9, 2007, Elizabeth Burton said…
Nice to "see" you again, Marilyn. :-)

Will you be able to make EPICon next year?

At 12:27pm on April 13, 2007, Daniel Hatadi said…
Hi Marilyn, I removed your post from the forum as that is what the Events section or your member blog is for.

At 10:58pm on April 2, 2007, Laine said…
Hey Miss Marilyn!! Glad to see your working on more Tempe. She sure is a fun read! :)
At 5:45pm on March 25, 2007, Robin Burcell said…
Hey Marilyn,
Just catching up, saw your note about your grandaughter driving. Yeah, they grow up fast.
At 2:07pm on March 25, 2007, Libby Hellmann said…
thanks for checking in, Marilyn. Robin is 18... she got into college... (Iowa) and she's cruising through the end of high school. She's even turning into a responsible young lady... at least part of the time! She's really a joy these days. Except for the speeding tickets. Thanks for asking.
At 8:53am on March 25, 2007, Marilyn Meredith said…
Somehow I made Fluer's chatter disappear and I didn't mean too. It isn't always great weather in California--and it depends upon where you happen to be. Today was like spring though. The wildflowers are blooming like crazy. I've stayed inside all day because I had a long space of time to write--and write I did. Now it's time to make some supper for hubby and myself.
At 2:07am on March 25, 2007, Marilyn Meredith said…
Frankly, I'm having a hard time keeping up with all this. I was born and raised in California, fourth generation. Met and married a cute sailor (same guy I've had for 50 plus years) and moved to Maryland, then Virginia, back to California, back to Virginia, then we settled in Oxnard, CA (a mile from the beach) and stayed for over 20 years. Now we're in the foothills of the Sierra above the Tule River--it's the setting for my Deputy Tempe Crabtree novels.

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