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At 6:03am on June 8, 2007, HappyRuby said…
Thanks for the invite. Your books look interesting. I read a lot of mysteries and review for a couple of websits. I'll be on the lookout for your books.

Happy Ruby
At 1:30pm on June 3, 2007, Jonathan Maberry said…
John...did you make it to BEA? I looked for you and didn't see you (but then again there were a zillion people there!)

Sorry we didn't hook up there.
At 12:24pm on June 1, 2007, Angela Wilson said…
Thanks! I won't be at BEA - in fact, I seem to be behind. I don't think I'd heard of it until I got on this site. =0( But I need to prepare for next year, it sounds like. I lost my day job in early December and have been at loose ends. I've always wanted to write full-time. I'm not doing that now, but I think what's happening will help me get there. If I could do it without living with the parents, that would be REALLY NICE. But hey, beggars cannot be choosers. And I'm blessed that they will have me for a few months while I get on my feet.
I'm working retail, and you know what? It's a GREAT place to develop characters. Am going to post something this weekend about it.
WAY more than you - or anyone - needed to know. But it's life. And writers are all about life, right? After all, characters are all about life.
At 8:53am on May 26, 2007, Karen Dionne said…
Hey, Jon -

Body Trace sounds great - how interesting that you were approached by Berkley to write your series. I know of another author who's writing medical thrillers for them, and it came about the same way. I'll be a Berkley author too, but I got my foot in the door the old-fashioned way. ;)

Good luck with it!
At 1:33pm on May 24, 2007, Bob Sanchez said…
Hi Jon,
New Crimespace member here. I'm looking forward to meeting and hanging out with good crime writers.
At 12:55pm on May 24, 2007, Beth Walker said…
Hi Jon. I enjoy forensic mysteries and will be looking for your books. :-)
At 3:41pm on May 23, 2007, Jordan Dane said…
Welcome Jon! Check out the friends already onboard. I'm sure you'll see plenty of familiar faces. Great to have you here.
At 1:49pm on May 23, 2007, Jonathan Maberry said…
Jon....nice to see you here on CrimeSpace. Looking forward to hanging out with you at BEA!

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