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At 1:22am on April 8, 2007, Libby Hellmann said…
Back at you, David. Glad you're here. The first 3 seasons of 24 rock. Season 5 is good too. Do you watch The Shield? I'm liking that more than 24 these days. It;s my crack cocaine. I cant get enough. And all 5 seasons are on DVD.
At 10:57pm on April 7, 2007, David Magayna said…
It snowed here in the mid-Atlantic, in April. Go figure. Heading up to Pittsburgh area to do the Easter family thing. Trying to pick out an audio mystery that is short enough to finish during the trip - maybe a Nero Wolfe. Yeah, that will do: OVER MY DEAD BODY read by Michael Prichard.
At 4:26pm on April 7, 2007, David Magayna said…
Hi Andrea,

Thanks for stopping by.

I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of 24. Of course I get on these streaks where I watch four episodes in a row and it's two in the morning. Yikes!
At 12:34pm on April 7, 2007, David Magayna said…
Hi Merlot,

This IS entertaining. Lots of new toys. I'm trying to train one eye to read a book while the other is paying attention to what's happening on the screen. Then there's the problem of timesharing with the brain. Multi-tasking isn't what it's drummed up to be.
At 12:04pm on April 7, 2007, Merrill Young said…
Isn't this entertaining Dave?
Pretty soon we all will have to quit the page because we WON'T HAVE ANT TIME TO READ.
At 8:32am on April 7, 2007, LC Fraser said…
I am honoured to be mistaken for Fran, even for just a minute.
At 8:17am on April 7, 2007, David Magayna said…
I just realized I said "Fran". Oops! Hi Lynne!
At 3:47am on April 7, 2007, David Magayna said…
Thanks, Fran and Patricia. I'm still finding my way around here.

I saw Barfly's survey request come up on 4MA and thought I couldn't answer it if I wasn't familiar with Crimespace. There is a lot to absorb.
At 3:42am on April 7, 2007, Patricia said…
Hi Dave, glad you found us
At 3:41am on April 7, 2007, LC Fraser said…
Hi David, Good to see you here! It has been a busy place so far. The Forum and the Blogs could keep you busy all day every day. I am not sure when writers actually have time left to write. Have fun!
LC from Moldy

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