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At 12:25pm on September 8, 2009, Kate Thornton said…
Jackie, you are so much a part of the whole writing scene - your reviews are so very important. I just started posting here as a way to jumpstart my writing - you know, I'll try anything! I'm not on Facebook - I guess I have to limit some stuff online or I'd never get anything done! It's sp good to "see" you here!
At 7:53pm on September 7, 2009, Morgan St. James said…
Yes, Jackie, I'm on Facebook. I just joined Crimespace because a friend told me aobut it. MORGAN
At 12:41am on August 19, 2009, Preetham Grandhi said…
Hi Jackie , I want to introduce you to my debut novel "A Circle of souls" which is a murder, mystery, psychological thriller and a tale of justice and hope. Do visit www.acircleofsouls.com to read more about the book. Make sure you sign up to win an autographed copy of the book. You can also read more reviews by clicking on the More Reviews button at the website. Thanks for your time in advance.

Best regards

Preetham Grandhi

Early Endorsements for “A Circle of Souls”

Linda Fairstein, NYT Bestselling Author: "A fascinating debut - this novel takes the reader to the darkest places in the human soul, from a writer with the authenticity to lead us there. A stunning thriller and an important read."

Judge Judy Sheindlin, star of the Judge Judy Show: "The seminal work of this fine author kept me glued to my chair until the adventure was over and the mystery solved. A great read!"

Book Synopsis:

The sleepy town of Newbury, Connecticut, is shocked when a little girl is found brutally murdered. The town s top detective, perplexed by a complete lack of leads, calls in FBI agent Leia Bines, an expert in cases involving children.

Meanwhile, Dr. Peter Gram, a psychiatrist at Newbury s hospital, searches desperately for the cause of seven-year-old Naya Hastings devastating nightmares. Afraid that she might hurt herself in the midst of a torturous episode, Naya s parents have turned to the bright young doctor as their only hope.

The situations confronting Leia and Peter converge when Naya begins drawing chilling images of murder after being bombarded by the disturbing images in her dreams. Amazingly, her sketches are the only clues to the crime that has panicked Newbury residents. Against her better judgment, Leia explores the clues in Naya s crude drawings, only to set off an alarming chain of events.
In this stunning psychological thriller, innocence gives way to evil, and trust lies forgotten in a web of deceit, fear, and murder.
At 11:04am on January 11, 2008, Rick Mofina said…
Jackie thanks so much, drop by any time. Sign up to my homepage newsletter for chance to win a free book, etc.
At 1:56am on January 1, 2008, Elizabeth Zelvin said…
Thanks, Jackie. Getting St. Martin's for Death Will Get You Sober was a huge drop of luck in a sea of persistence on the way to publication. :) Liz
At 5:09am on October 26, 2007, Penny Rudolph said…
Hi Jackie,
I just got a copy of Mystery Scene Mag with your review of my book LIFEBLOOD. Thank you so much! Not just because you said such nice things, but because yours is one of the best WRITTEN of all my reviews. Half the time I'm not sure the reviewer read more than the jacket blurb. Cheers and best wishes and thanks again.......
At 9:59am on October 24, 2007, Lyn LeJeune said…
Jackie, Greetings: Just to let you know that my New Orleans noir mystery, The
Beatitudes, has received 5 starred reviews! I am donating all royalties to the New Orleans Public Library Foundation to help rebuild the public libraries. I have posted Chapter I on my blog www.beatitudesinneworleans.blogspot.com. Please read and if you like it, help rebuild a library for NOLA. Thank you Lyn LeJeune
At 4:04am on September 19, 2007, Douglas Quinn said…
When you get a chance, check out my Crimespace Blog re the info and pics from my recent book signing event.

Douglas Quinn
At 2:08pm on September 18, 2007, Jackie Houchin said…
Write that book set in Greece.... a wonderful place. I love the island of Hydra. And of course Athens. I wonder what everything looks like after all their devastating fires. Makes me shiver. Jackie
At 11:33am on September 18, 2007, Douglas Quinn said…
Hi Jackie: I'm way out here on the opposite coast and have spent more time in the Mediterranean than in California, including two years in Greece. I do have a book in me set in Greece but just haven't gotten around to it yet. It's in the "to write" queue. I've written a couple of book reviews, one which I wrote but didn't post--just sent it back to the author. The review wasn't positive but the critique (which I reminded her was just one person's opinion) was constructive. Hoped the author would at least call me a jackass or something, but never got a reply. What can you do? (rhetorical).

Stephen White and Jonathan Kellerman. Also two of my favorites. Ever try James Lee Burke? I only aspire to write as well as he.

Douglas Quinn
At 9:04am on September 15, 2007, Kathryn Lilley said…
Hi Jackie,

I haven't read anything by Mary Higgens Clark, but I'll take a look! Best, Kathryn
At 8:26am on September 4, 2007, Jackie Houchin said…
Hi Elizabeth - Here's the link to a review I did on Pamela Samuel-Young's legal mystery. While there, you can check out other things I've posted. I seem to be doing more theater reveiws these days (probably because most of the book reviewing is for magazines), and a few human interest stories as well. Actually... here are three links! Happy reading!

Book Review: http://valleynews.com/TheValley/Stories/Reviews/General-Reviews/Story~169622.aspx

Theater Review: http://valleynews.com/TheValley/Stories/Reviews/General-Reviews/Story~169622.aspx

Human Interest story: http://valleynews.com/Burbank/Stories/Pets/General-Pets/Story~327882.aspx
At 5:18am on September 4, 2007, Elizabeth Zelvin said…
Thanks for the comment, Jackie. I'll have to find American Dreamer in video. What's the url of the web page where you review? I'd love to check it out. :)

Death Will Get You Sober (St. Martin's, April 2008)
At 5:44am on August 30, 2007, Cheryl Norman said…
Hi, Jackie! You asked about explicit sex. My books have sexual tension but not a lot of sex. I save explicit writing for my alter ego, who writes erotic romance. These books focus mainly on the growing relationship between the hero and heroine, the personal growth as they're tested by the external suspense plot, and the mystery itself. I follow the hero's journey (Joseph Campbell), but don't we all? (whether we know it or not!)

At 5:46pm on August 28, 2007, Newt Love said…
You wrote: "maiden name is Love too and I'm from Pennyslvania..".

The family tree runs through there, but in the early 1800s. We are likely related. My sister Annette is our genaeologist. We trace back to an infant named John Love, left at an orphanage in 1747 by his 17 year old father.

You wrote: Do you speak French, or are you faking it?

I am a functional illiterate in French. I have learned it phonetically while vacationing there (I have a timeshare condo in Vincennes - outskirts of Paris). I am afraid that my French is very bad now, since I have not visited in three years.
At 3:00pm on August 27, 2007, Jackie Houchin said…
We gotta be related, Newt. Completely off the subject, but I used to call those square, fruit filled cookies, Newt Figtons. Yum. I just finished three stories for our local newspaper, downloaded pix from my camera and up to the paper. I'm beat...and going to hit the sack. Thanks for the invite to be "friends, cuz.
At 12:00pm on August 27, 2007, Newt Love said…
Hey! If a author writes a novel in the forest, and nobody reads it, did it make a sound?
I'm newt, slithering from the shallow end of the gene pool, into the open ocean. Sharks are likely to eat me before the salt water kills me, but who wants a quiet life?
At 4:48am on August 26, 2007, Mark Coggins said…
Jackie, I just got the camera recently--sounds like you've got much more experience than me. I just put everything on auto and hope for the best!
At 10:14am on August 9, 2007, L. A. Starks said…
Thanks for your note. The initials are for Laura Ann. The trailer was put together by the woman who manages my website--it was very exciting to have it done. Her name is Clara Mizenko & I recommend her highly (Mizenko Web Design.)
At 10:28am on August 5, 2007, Lyn LeJeune said…
Hi....you do like mysteries and crime from your profile. Glad to meet you. I'm also a writer. My book, The Beatitudes, will be out in the fall. I am donating all of the royalties to the New Orleans Public Library Foundation to help rebuild the libraries. My blogspit www.beatitudeinneworleans.blogspot.com decribes my Beatitudes Network, has excerpts, recipes and news. Hope you become my friend.

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