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At 2:55am on September 18, 2007, Charlotte Williamson said…
Is it getting cool up in NC? Just returned from Georgia. I could smell fall in the air. Just bought a Sue Grafton novel (I love her books). It's called QUARRY. It's really good. I bought it to read on the airplane. Have you read it?
Have you ever had a chance to look at my website? I did it myself. Didn't know anyone who designed websites, so I bought FrontPage and went to work. What do you think about it?
At 7:15am on September 16, 2007, Douglas Quinn said…
Hey Kim. Wanted to let you know that my book reading/signing/Q&A event at the Perquimans County Library was a huge success. Had a packed house and sold out all my books there. The Q&A was fun and had a lot of 1-on-1 time with the attendees. Again, was a wonderful event.

Douglas Quinn
At 9:07am on September 15, 2007, James K. Bashkin said…
Hi, thanks for contacting me. I look forward to going through your web site. I hope you will have a chance to visit mine (listed on my crimespace homepage). I discuss a lot of fiction, mostly crime fiction, by authors from all over. Any feedback or criticism, or a link back, would be greatly appreciated. There are certainly some authors whose book we share an interest in, the obvious ones being Sue Grafton, early Stephen King and most Grisham. I also like Faye Kellerman, Linda Barnes and Cara Black, all of whom feature women detectives or something close (with Kellerman, it is a detective's wife, but she is very involved in the stories and crime solving, in addition to being the victim in an early book). But that is just a sampling, and out of this group, I've only written about Cara Black so far on my site (her novels take place in Paris). Best wishes, Jim
At 5:24am on September 11, 2007, Charlotte Williamson said…
I have a friend who lives in Hay Market, Va. It's just outside Washington. I fly up (not literally. I'm in an airplane) and see her as often as I can. Love that part of the country! Can't wait until we move back to Georgia. The sea shore is nice, but the mountains are God's country. Although, the way houses are selling in southwest Florida, I might be here for a while longer. Hope not.
At 2:00am on September 8, 2007, Kim Howell said…
Hi Charlotte,
Hertford, NC is in the Northeastern corner of the state here. We're an hour away from the ocean and an hour away from the Va border. I've lived here for almost 11 years now, but my parents had moved here about 11 years before me. My kids were used to visiting their Nana and Papaw out here, and now my grandkids are used to visiting Grammy, Grandpa-pa, Nana and Papaw.

I'm actually in Va as I type this even. My middle daughter recently moved to a house out here in Chesapeake, so I'm giving her a hand with her 2 year old son Ryan, and giving her regular babysitter a break. Both my girls make sure to keep internet and computer ready for my visits. :-)
At 1:05am on September 8, 2007, Charlotte Williamson said…
You remind me of a well-known author who lives down here (In appearance). Her name is Suzanne Barr. She mostly ghost-writes for big-name authors. but she's trying to strike out on her own.
Where is Hertford, NC. I'm a Georgia gal, myself.
At 4:57pm on September 7, 2007, Kim Howell said…
*WOW* Russ,
That does sound like an exciting review and definitely a book I'd like to dig into soon as well. Thanks for sharing it with me. I'm hoping to give just as good a review when I get a chance to pick up a copy.
At 2:47am on September 7, 2007, Russ Heitz said…
Hi Kim,
Just wanted to share a bit of news about my suspense novel CROSSHAIRS. It was reviewed by Stephen Horowitz, Ph.D., of The Peppertree Literary Magazine who said: "The story is full of twists and turns and loads of suspense. The reader is pulled along at a frenzied pace ... I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good murder mystery." If you do add CROSSHAIRS to your collection, I hope you're reactions will agree with the good doctor's!
At 4:10pm on September 6, 2007, Kim Howell said…
Thanks Charlotte,
Us Grandma's have a lot more mystery in our lives, than our offspring should ever know about anyway. :-) I guess the fact that we've made it this far, is proof we're not just sitting around in the corner living life out.
At 3:52am on September 5, 2007, Charlotte Williamson said…
Your profile sounds almost identical to mine in some areas. We like the same books and the same TV shows and movies. Guess that goes to show even "Grandma's" like us can be mystery mavens.
At 6:25pm on September 1, 2007, Kim Howell said…
Ahhh, that explains it. When Jerry (my husband) took to driving an 18-wheeler, I found less time in front of the tube, so I started watching mostly the shows on CBS until the season finale. When BattleStar Galactica announced their next season wouldn't begin until 2008, I called the cable company and had everything except basic cable removed from the tube.

I wondered why we're spending so much extra money on those other channels, when my main motivation for the cable is the internet connection anyway. I did really enjoy "The Closure" and "The 4400" too, but their seasons are so short and weren't playing either.

I never even caught a commercial for Pain Killer Jane, or I might very well have tuned that one in. Every season when BattleStar Galactica is playing, I end up taping each show on a DVD, so Jerry can see them when he's home. Then when the season ends, he buys the full season on DVD to get all the extra footage and keep them in order.

Maybe this time, we'll wait for the season to end and he can follow it from their version of the DVD's, so it doesn't hit as deep in the pocketbook, and I don't have to panic if I miss an episode. :-)
At 4:00pm on September 1, 2007, Robin Burcell said…
I'd totally forgotten the Numb3rs finale, and the good guy being bad. So one of two scenarios. He got a lucrative contract for a movie and wanted out, (or wanted too much for a renewal contract) or he's really not a bad guy and they're going to have a twist with him next season. I do think the series guys tend to jump the shark a bit when they're writing characters out, though.

Pain Killer Jane is on the SciFi channel. It's based on the comic book series (much like Spiderman and Batman, I suppose). They turned it into a TV series. Started off strong. I would think you could pick it up midseries, but hard to say...

I'm new to the TV watching thing the past couple years myself. Numb3rs, Crim. Minds, and House, oh, and Monk and Psych. I love those shows! As far from real policing as you can get, which, I suppose, is what makes them appealing. Pure fun.
At 3:05pm on September 1, 2007, Kim Howell said…
Thanks Robin, You can count on me to give an honest review back, because I'm definitely into good stories with decent plots. As for the Criminal Minds. I have to agree and wasn't too impressed on the way they handled letting go of parts of their team. It started out really powerful, and I kept up to the end, but am curious on how they'll do on the new season coming up.

I adore Numb3rs and tracking the stories there, but was kind of blown over with the finale having a main person turning out to be a spy. He always seemed like a good guy to me.

I've never heard of Pain Killer Jane... Is that a show or reference to someone in a show? This past year was the first in over 10 years that I've even watched something regularly. When the season finale's hit, I turned the tv off and it's basically been an art piece since. Until my other half gets in and fires it back up on the weekends lately.
At 1:06pm on September 1, 2007, Robin Burcell said…
Oh, and I have to ask, since you like most of the same shows that I do, have you found that Criminal Minds kind of went down hill last season? Too much into the serial killer theme? I'm finding Numb3rs to be the top runner between those two. And I don't suppose you've checked out Pain Killer Jane, have you? I rather like that show. It's sort of an X-Files meets Heroes thing.
At 1:03pm on September 1, 2007, Robin Burcell said…
Well, of course, you'll have to let me know what you think, because you have a stellar list of authors that you do like. Sort of like me, all over the board.
At 10:03am on September 1, 2007, Janet McClellan said…
Hi Kim,
Thank you for the invitation. Also, please feel free to join me at
I look forward to our conversations.
At 2:05am on September 1, 2007, Charlotte Williamson said…
Hi Kim,
Thanks for being a crimespace friend.
Charlotte Williamson;
At 11:49pm on August 31, 2007, Laura Benedict said…
Hi, Kim. So nice to meet you. Only another FOUR months until the next Battlestar Galactica! Trying times to be a fan....Blessings--L.
At 9:00pm on August 31, 2007, Tony Berry said…
Thanks for the contact Kim. Some grandma! I look forwared to maintaining contact on ce I get through a busy poeriod. All day yesterday, today and tomorrow (a masterclass) at the Melbourne Writers Festival - with lots and lots of talk of crime writing. So much inspriation.
At 2:14pm on August 31, 2007, ChristopherGMoore said…
Hi Kim,

Chairs is a good place to start. It is a collection of interrelated short stories set in Southeast Asia.

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