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At 7:52am on August 9, 2009, Preetham Grandhi said…
Hi Betty, I want to introduce you to my debut novel "A Circle of souls" which is a murder, mystery, psychological thriller and a tale of justice and hope. Do visit to read more about the book. Make sure you sign up to win an autographed copy of the book. You can also read more reviews by clicking on the More Reviews button at the website. Thanks for your time in advance.

Best regards

Preetham Grandhi

Early Endorsements for “A Circle of Souls”

Linda Fairstein, NYT Bestselling Author: "A fascinating debut - this novel takes the reader to the darkest places in the human soul, from a writer with the authenticity to lead us there. A stunning thriller and an important read."

Judge Judy Sheindlin, star of the Judge Judy Show: "The seminal work of this fine author kept me glued to my chair until the adventure was over and the mystery solved. A great read!"

Book Synopsis:

The sleepy town of Newbury, Connecticut, is shocked when a little girl is found brutally murdered. The town s top detective, perplexed by a complete lack of leads, calls in FBI agent Leia Bines, an expert in cases involving children.

Meanwhile, Dr. Peter Gram, a psychiatrist at Newbury s hospital, searches desperately for the cause of seven-year-old Naya Hastings devastating nightmares. Afraid that she might hurt herself in the midst of a torturous episode, Naya s parents have turned to the bright young doctor as their only hope.

The situations confronting Leia and Peter converge when Naya begins drawing chilling images of murder after being bombarded by the disturbing images in her dreams. Amazingly, her sketches are the only clues to the crime that has panicked Newbury residents. Against her better judgment, Leia explores the clues in Naya s crude drawings, only to set off an alarming chain of events.
In this stunning psychological thriller, innocence gives way to evil, and trust lies forgotten in a web of deceit, fear, and murder.
At 3:11am on January 13, 2008, Douglas Quinn said…
Douglas Quinn
Author, Editor, Book Reviewer

12 January 2008

Dear Family/Fans/Friends/Readers

Please join me in the first week of my Virtual Book Tour. Beginning tomorrow, Sunday, January 13th, writer Brenda Kay Wynn will publish an interview with Douglas Quinn on her webblog site at (click on the following or cut and paste into your browser)

You are invited to go to Brenda’s site, read the interview and comment and/or ask questions. I am looking forward to responding to your comments and queries.

The interview will be posted throughout the four week tour. Weeks two, three and four will have different articles hosted by and posted at other webblog sites. Would love to interact with you along the way.

In addition, each time during the four week tour you leave a comment and/or ask a question your name will be placed into a drawing for a Free Signed Copy of Blue Heron Marsh.. Hope to see you all there.

Douglas Quinn

P.S. Please feel free to forward this invitation to your own email address list. The more people who participate, the happier I will be.
At 5:55pm on November 29, 2007, jur said…
Hey B.A.

good luck with the e-book! I am kenn to read it!

At 7:45am on September 22, 2007, Betty Ann Harris said…
Kathryn, Thanks for the info. about Rear Window. I'm going to check it out. Smiles, BA
At 7:39am on September 22, 2007, Kathryn Lilley said…
Hi Betty Ann! I found this regarding Rear Window on Wikipedia: Rear Window is a 1954 film directed by Alfred Hitchcock, based on Cornell Woolrich's 1942 short story It Had to Be Murder.

So I think it was not a novel, but a short story? Thanks for visiting my page! Best, Kathryn
At 8:08am on September 21, 2007, Julie Morrigan said…
Hey - nice to meet you! Thanks for the friends add.
At 3:59am on September 19, 2007, Douglas Quinn said…
When you get a chance, check out my Crimespace Blog re the info and pics from my recent book signing event.

Douglas Quinn
At 2:17am on September 8, 2007, Scott Nicholson said…
Good luck witht he writing!
At 4:34am on September 5, 2007, Douglas Quinn said…
It was difficult with all three books to pick interesting/exciting excerpts that wouldn't give away anything. Glad you enjoyed it. Already had two people who, since Saturday, called and said they decided to just start reading the book and ended up not being able to put it down. That's the kind of comment I like to hear. Hope you'll get a copy. But be warned....

At 8:29am on August 29, 2007, Betty Ann Harris said…
Thanks Douglas. I will definitely take you up on your offer for a review. I agree with you about reading a book in hard print. Who wants to spend even more time in front of a computer screen reading a book? And you can't roam around, snuggle up, etc. But at least my family and friends could read it and let me know what they thought. I am most anxious to get the paperback in my hands! Thanks again, Betty Ann
At 4:43am on August 29, 2007, Douglas Quinn said…
I like the cover art of your book. Simple but effective. I presume the reason for your attempts at uploading into LuLu's templates was for publishing in trade paper back. still prefer to read print versions. Let me know when the book is available in that format. Will consider doing a review, too, if you'd want another mystery/suspense author to do so. I don't do too many reviews as I don't have a lot of time to devote to that, but your book sounds intriguing.

At 12:27am on August 29, 2007, Douglas Quinn said…
This is why I'm using iUniverse. It's easy to upload your manuscript, they take care of all the formating--and do a terrific job. I like their production values, also. I published several books with them and have never been disappointed.
At 12:09am on August 29, 2007, Cheryl Norman said…
Ah, so you're a Food Network addict, too! I have to ration my viewing time or I'd never have time to write or cook! *LOL* Yes, I love cooking. (and eating!) I have a healthful-cooking newsletter if you're interested, at (or send blank e-mail to chef cheri).

At 12:05am on August 29, 2007, Cheryl Norman said…
Hi Betty! My first stab at fiction was written first person, but it didn't work for me. I love to read first person POV, though, just can't write it *LOL*

Good luck with your writing!
At 9:39pm on August 28, 2007, Peg Herring said…
Betty Ann,
Thanks for the invitation and good luck with the series.
At 8:21pm on August 28, 2007, Lauren Carr said…
Hello, Betty Anny. Thank you for the invitation.
At 3:29pm on August 28, 2007, terry bowman said…
Just curious, how much effort have you put into traditional publishing methods? I've used lulu for a couple of my books, but it's really not viable for the career novelist.
At 10:58am on August 28, 2007, Betty Ann Harris said…
Eureka Point is a delicious and spellbinding story about Park Avenue interior designer, Katie Montgomery, whose devious and mentally unstable husband, Craig Montgomery, is a wanted fugitive. Craig is involved with a notoriously dangerous South American drug cartel. The FBI uncovers his drug operation and they believe he has fled the country, leaving Katie alone and in danger. The FBI helps her by changing her appearance and identity, and relocates her from New York to Eureka Point, California, where she meets her contact, Special Agent Tom Owens, who is totally smitten with her. They fall for each other but Katie, a.k.a. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Harrison, holds back, fearful that Craig will have them both killed or that she will never be free of him. There are twists and turns in the plot, which keeps you guessing what will happen next, and has you routing for Tom, who is the "knight in shining armor".
At 9:58am on August 28, 2007, David L. Hoof said…
Your husband should try Updike's The Coup if he hasn't already. Although I got John Kerry to plug my last novel, Little Gods, I got no response from Updike, although I got his Mass. address right because his neighbor was a classmate of mine at Deerfield, also the photographer for the cover illustration on the book. We're going into a second press run for Little Gods, so if you want me to send you Little Gods, for you and husband to make an independent assessment of whether it's 'right' for him - it's set in the Berkshires in the '60s -- just let me know. Thanks for getting back with 'relevant' comments.


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