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At 9:38am on January 28, 2008, Mike Stotter said…

Email to discuss further: shotseditor@yahoo.co.uk

At 2:30pm on January 5, 2008, Johnny Ostentatious said…
Saw your post about book reviewers. I can't seem to find the spot where to email you, but I'd be happy to do so, though I am in Amerikkka. My tastes are pretty picky. I think Robert B. Parker is the diggity-wiggidity. I also love John D. MacDonald, pre-Travis McGee. Other miscellaneous mystery novels I dig are Agatha Christie's MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS, Michael Connelly's CONCRETE BLONDE, Ed Gorman's AUTUMN DEAD, early Alex Cross novels, and a few James Bond books by Ian Flemming.
At 3:41am on January 5, 2008, MysteryDawg said…
Hey Mike,

Left a comment for you in your message box about reviewing.

At 10:40pm on March 28, 2007, Mike Stotter said…

I hit the wrong button in error. If any of you guys are attending the ITW ThrillerFest it would be good meeting up with you. I must changed that damned photo!
At 8:18am on March 28, 2007, Julie Morrigan said…
Hi Mike - I got a message alert through, but it looks like whatever you sent me went missing... not sure if there's anything we can do about that? Congrats on the 2005 quiz win, by the way. I'd wondered about the photo, too! Cheers, Jools.
At 4:17am on March 26, 2007, Mike Stotter said…
Joe, good to hear from you. Looking forward to meeting you in person in July.

Keep up the good work.

At 10:30pm on March 25, 2007, Joseph Finder said…
Hey Mike -- Delighted to make your acquaintance via crimespace -- have heard much about you from our mutual friends!
all best,
At 12:37am on March 22, 2007, Mike Stotter said…
Noo Yoik is going to be a blast. Look forward to making your acquaintance again, young man. Duty Free on the way in ....
At 10:24pm on March 21, 2007, Pat Mullan said…
Mike, you said:

"do yo remember that wee dram of Dalwhinnie? - I bet Barry Eisler does. Let's see if we can go one better at the ITW in New York this July."

Yes, Mike, I have very fond memories of LCC in Bristol - and that wee dram of yours in the brown paper bag hit the spot. And Barry does like his single malts.

Cheers, Pat.
At 12:53pm on March 21, 2007, Daniel Hatadi said…
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Yes. Must remember to come back every day.
(end subliminal advertising)

Welcome aboard, Mike!
At 5:17am on March 21, 2007, Mike Stotter said…
Thanks, Mary. Just to say I am a great admirer of your photography. Keep up the good work.
At 4:23am on March 21, 2007, Mary Reagan said…
Welcome Mike
At 2:53am on March 21, 2007, Mike Stotter said…
Hey wiffler. Been lurking here this morning and some great stuff going on here. I must remember to come back everyday. See you Monday.
At 2:50am on March 21, 2007, Ali said…
Welcome to this weird corner of the Internet


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