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At 9:31am on December 9, 2007, Graeme S. Houston said…
I finally got it to work. Thanks for the invitation. Seems like a nice place here with a great community.
At 4:48am on December 8, 2007, Sarah M. Chen said…
Thanks so much for the add Brian. Yeah, I have a 5-year-old rat terrier although I call her the "brat terrier." She's my baby! Looking forward to chatting more and am really enjoying this site.
At 1:14pm on December 7, 2007, Lawrence Kelter said…
I hope you'll take a peek at my work. I think Chalice's a blast, and hope you will too. Sorry for the late reply; been traveling for business. Looking forward to lots of great chatter.
At 3:12am on December 7, 2007, Sue Dawson said…
I am an animal lover, too, or at least I assume that you enjoy dogs from the snapshots. I have two AKC Bostons, the mother and her son. Dad was in the picture, too, until he died at 10 1/2 years of age. He was a dog whom we rescued, not from mean owners, but from an English Bull in their family. He wanted to fight Chopper. Chopper was 8 months old when we bought him, and the owner came by several times in the first three years or so to say "hi "to him.
At 12:20am on December 6, 2007, Lee Charles Kelley said…
Hey, Brian,

I'm sorry to hear that your "behaviorist" has attempted to stop Tilly from doing her "job," through punitive measures. As the lead character in my novels likes to say, "They spend all this time in college and end up not knowing the first thing about dogs."

You should definitely praise her for barking. It won't prevent her from doing it the next time she hears someone at the door, but it will put the behavior under your control. Plus, she'll settle down faster.

And with some of my clients' dogs, just praising the dog for responding every single time she barks will eventually cause the dog to stop barking altogether.

Barking comes from nervous tension; praise reduces nervous tension. You don't need a PhD to understand that. In fact, most PhDs have trouble understanding it BECAUSE they have PhDs!

Best of luck to you and Tilly,

At 1:50am on December 5, 2007, Lee Charles Kelley said…
Thanks for the add, Brian.
You mentioned you have a dog with a barking problem. Check out my blog for some great dog training tips:

Depending on why the dog is barking, I find that praise is a great way to stop it. Read my article, "Using Praise as a Correction."

At 5:15pm on December 4, 2007, Karen from AustCrime said…
Hi Brian - I'm a sucker for a sad sack dog anyday - plus I like the sound of your books and will keep an eye out for them over in these parts :)
At 7:36pm on December 2, 2007, Todd Robinson said…
Back atcha, Brian!

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