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At 7:14am on December 9, 2008, Peery said…
Hey there Lee,

Hope this finds ya havin a SOLID Monday!

It's cool to have ya in our network and we're happy to be included in yours!

We'll have to compare notes soon.....

Keep on pickin'

At 11:13am on October 28, 2008, Kim Howell said…
Hi Lee,
Your history sounds quite interesting to say the least, and I'm really looking forward to reading your stories. It's a bit rainy here in Chesapeake tonight, so I'm sure the Beach is getting close to the same there. My Dad retired from the Navy back in the late 70's, so our family pretty much stayed close to the area then as well. After 27 1/2 years of being a resident of Va Beach, I finally took a step over the border and advantage of NC's lifestyle over a decade back. With the newest grandson that arrived this past month, it seems I've been back here a lot more than home, for most of this year now. Perhaps we'll get a chance to cross paths in the near future. Dan Coleman had recommended your writing and mentioned he's going to try making another trip out this way soon.
At 2:47am on September 15, 2008, Julie Lomoe said…
Hi Lee,
I'm delighted the first chapter of Mood Swing intrigued you enough to order the book. I can use the morale boost - yesterday I was on a panel of Sisters in Crime authors at the NYS State Museum. I thought the panel went well, and I was very entertaining if I do say so myself, got a lot of laughs, but only sold two books. This is a tough business!

Feel free to add me as a friend, and I'd be glad to look over your manuscript, although I don't have time to do detailed critiques. I guess you could send it as a word or PDF file.

No dog pictures on my computer, but you can see my dog Lucky with me, the picture I used as the author photo for Mood Swing. He was a golden retriever, 4 years old, that was given to us after my other dogs died. We only had him for 6 months - he turned out to have lymphoma. Since then, I've turned to cats - I may post some pictures of them on my page.

Talk to you soon I've got to get ready to go out and enjoy a day of touring some local dairy farms/cheese producers!
At 3:05am on September 14, 2008, Lee Martin said…
Good Morning,
Thank you for the quick reply. I too am satisified with VBW. I am a new author and there were a thousand questions I had about getting published. I found the contact person I had was quite helpful as well. Instead of a thousand questions I now only have 950.

I actually spent over three months, almost every day researching info on publishers, the different type of publishers, some of the ins and outs and so on before I chose VBW. Most of what I had read said getting a traditional publisher to pick up a first time author was virtually impossible or if they do decide to read a manuscript from a newby, it might take several months.

Then there is the business of "you need an agent" and "you DON'T need an agent". It makes ones head spin trying to figure out everything. I agree with you though, POD does have it's draw backs and hinderences, but it's a start.

I'm glad you liked the pic of Sasha, she's a good dog. I got her because the people who had her (when she was a pup) were going to abandon her somewhere and I couldn't let that happen, so the owners gave her to me. She was a bag of bones when I firt got her at about 6 months, but she has really filled out and is an excellent watch dog and protector. When I took her in, I already had two quite elderly toy poodles, but it all worked out.

Do you have any pics of Rishi? I'd love to see them.
I am definately going to check out the first chapter in Mood Swing, The bio on it sounds intreging. Do you think you would have time to read the manuscript version of my book and let me know what you think? (Being a first time author, I'm naturally interested in what people in the business think).

Would it be OK with you if I added you to my friends list?
At 12:37am on September 14, 2008, Julie Lomoe said…
Hi Lee,
Yes, I'm very satisfied with Virtualbookworm. They're very efficient and responsive to my requests, and the physical quality of their product is excellent. My main problem is with the POD scene in general - maybe I'll open a discussion on the forum on that, or write about it on my page.

Love the photo of your dog Sasha - I used to own a couple of shepherd-mix dogs and one of them, Rishi, plays a major role in my novel Mood Swing - in fact his name is the first word in my book! Read the first chapter on my website www.julielomoe.com.
At 12:19am on August 21, 2008, Pauline Rowson said…
Hi Lee, thanks for the request. Sounds like you have had a fascinating career, lots of background there to give you ideas for more books, short stories etc. Best wishes, Pauline.

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