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At 7:29am on January 20, 2008, Eric Eckert said…
Cooperstown was great. We were there on my 30th birthday, so it was an awesome gift. I enjoyed the Vicotorian homes and the little card shops and restaurants. I think it would make a great background for a mystery! Congratulations on Fallen Idol. Where can I pick it up in the States? I'm currently writing my first. The working title is "Father's Forgiveness." It's a very good idea, but it's kind of at a halt right now while I work on my thesis -- a series of creative nonfiction pieces about being a police reporter.
At 6:01am on January 20, 2008, Mari Sloan said…
I'm just happy this place is so much easier to use than MySpace. Everyone keeps telling me that I have to have a MySpace page to promote my book, but that place is a nightmare. I love CrimeSpace but I'm just learning to find my way around here, too. I can't help but feel I'm at a wonderful party but I don't want to step on toes before I even get to know anyone.
:-) Mari
At 3:45am on January 20, 2008, Mari Sloan said…
I generally just go for things. LOL. Actually integrity is very important to me but humans are humans. The ONLY person you ever have any control over is yourself. I'll enjoy YouTube and police myself only. Your patio sounds VERY interesting.
At 3:05am on January 20, 2008, Mitzi Szereto said…
LOL. What makes you assume I do research? Or the kind you think I do? I write. I create. That's my job. Isn't it the same for you? ;-)
At 2:20am on January 20, 2008, Eric Eckert said…
Red Sox, huh? Just kidding. I guess I'm still holding a grudge from 2004! My wife and I were able to visit Cooperstown this past March. It was an awesome experience, although it was ZERO degrees outside. I'm glad your mother enjoys St. Louis; we get back there as much as possible. We currently live in Springfield, Mo. where we have the Cardinals AA team. So, here we get to see the up-and-comers like Rick Ankiel, Colby Rasmus and Brendan Ryan. I hear you about baseball tickets. It costs us $200 or more to travel to St. Louis to see a big league game. Thank goodness our families live there, so we have a place to stay. Anyway, I look forward to more baseball chats!
At 6:01am on January 18, 2008, helen black said…
I loved Fallen Idols - can't wait for the next installment
H x

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