They say you never hear the bullet that kills you... One second in the wrong place, one misalignment of fate and your life is changed forever. That's when we find out what we're made of. My name is Nick Thomas.

I'm a struggling mystery writer and recovering alcoholic who lives in a small cottage by the bay. I wear blue jeans, drive a temperamental old MG, and listen to the Rolling Stones. I was a lucky man who'd been given a second chance in life. It was then, basking in my contentment, when the walls of my life came crashing down. Through noble intentions and sometimes errant judgment, I find myself in some very precarious situations.

This time my life hung in the balance. Most people would call it bad luck; some would call it fate, while the adjusted few would simply call it life. It was about money-a lot of money, and I became the unknowing victim of the perfect frame. As fast as the wind changes, I found myself clawing my way out of a carefully constructed web of murder, deceit and greed that left me wanted for questioning in two gruesome murders. Strap yourself into your beach chair and get ready for the thrill ride of the summer.

*trailer produced by Book Candy Studios ;-)

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