WATCH NOW! Bud Connell: "Peak Experience" trailer

From the moment Thomas Reed Ingram Price (Trip) is hired by a charismatic firm, danger, intrigue, romance and murder accompany him on a whirlwind journey sweeping the major ports of the world. Double-dealers, passionate physical desires, and life-threatening encounters permeate the novel’s pages. The urgency of survival binds our characters together and drives them into volcanic relationships. But, how will one man, entrapped by insidious evil, conquer crippling fears in time to stop conspirators who plan annihilation of our way of life? The thriller novel, Peak Experience, will penetrate your mind and heart, as earth-shaking events––overwhelming and transforming––appear as plausible as the lead story on today’s headline news. Get it and read it, but be warned. The probabilities may frighten you. Also available on Amazon’s Kindle.

*trailer produced by Book Candy Studios ;-)

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