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Chicago, Illinois
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From an early age, I was influenced by street heavies, take-off guys, Bop musicians, dope fiends and the many mad artists and hustlers that roamed the Whicker Park and near north neighborhoods from North Avenue to Belmont. I grew up listening and learning. Cool School. Those perilous and drug-crazed years set a pace I was soon unable to disengage from until I found myself one lonely morning, in front of a computer, writing prose from remembrances which quickly metastasized into short stories - frighteningly authentic and very different from the main stream fiction written by mostly crime tourists. These nascent attempts at burying my current depressions with fresh dirt of creation, slowly brought me back to life with a passionate hope I could reach out to a market interested in what real criminals feel - what real crimes - mostly drug deals and smuggling feel like to actual players rather than characters imagined by writers who have never been a part or close to the life.
I made it to the top of the mountain littered with dope deals and scars. Falling was faster and painful. Prisons in the USA, The Netherlands and finally, The Middle East completed my education. Now, i write about these years in an explosively authentic punk rock noir.
Come join me....
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Reader, Writer
Website: elegant
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LeCarre, Greene, Conrad, Hunter S. William Burroughs, Kerouac . I am a devout hater of Crime Tourists - authors who don't know shit from chunky peanut butter about real life and criminals in general.
Movies And TV Shows I Like:
Rumble Fish, Snatch, Cool Hand Luke, Drugstore Cowboys, Trainspotting,

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  • JJ Toner

    Why do you want to be my friend? I think (I'm sure) I am what you call a Crime Tourist.

  • Cammy May Hunnicutt

    thanks for the invite, brian.  I'm really glad you managed to lose all that weight and get out of that box.

  • Kyra J.Cross

    HI Brian, nice to meet ya