Cynthia Rice

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Milwaukee, WI
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I'm a nonpublished author, working on a medical-based mystery which takes place in the midwest. I've been to several writers conferences and hope to attend more. I've also taken on-line courses on mystery writing from Writer's Digest and Gotham City.

I'm a full time Radiologist (my day job) and a large part of my practice is Women's Imaging. My youngest child just left for college, but it hasn't given me much more time to write. I also enjoy travel and tennis.
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Reader, Writer
Books And Authors I Like:
Harland Coben
Robert Parker
Sue Grafton
Robert Crais
Janet Evanovich
Michael Connoly (especially the Lincoln Lawyer)
Movies And TV Shows I Like:
The Closer
Jon Stewart on Comedy Central

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  • Scott Mittelsteadt

    Hi Cynthia,

    Yes.....I'm suffering here in AZ. Sunny and about 74 degrees! ;-) Seriously, its nice here in the Winter, but we pay for it. We definitely pay for it!! Kind of like summer is the reward for getting through the long Wisconsin winter.

    I am and unpublished and mostly undecided writer. However, I lean towards fiction. I have some ideas that I'm working on, but I would say they are more cross genre right now. But we'll see.

    Is your writing set in Milwaukee??
  • Reece Hirsch

    Hi Cynthia -- I'd say the same thing of you. You have a great background for writing medical mysteries. Best of luck with your writing. Reece
  • John Sullivan

    Crais became one of my favourite mysterians after I found a dog-eared copy of LA Requiem in a mahogany cabinet in a whitewashed house I was staying in, overlooking Discovery Bay in Jamaica. Came back and bought everything he'd written, and kept buying each new installment. Unfortunately, I have to say he's 'gone Hollywood' in the last few books. I just finished "The First Rule' and, while he's still a great technician, the nuance and heart are gone. The same thing has happened with Connelly, Kellerman and most of the other heavyhitters - screenplays masqerading as novels. A shame.