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Shamokin PA
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I live in central Pennsylvania and have a son, a daughter and four grandsons. A retired newspaper editor/writer, I now am librarian of my county historical society where I assist people with genealogy and historical research. I've published articles, stories and illustrations in a variety of magazines. My interests--in addition to writing and reading--include drawing, history, the outdoors and mysteries (natural and unnatural).
I Am A:
Reader, Writer, Librarian
Books And Authors I Like:
Ruth Rendell, James Lee Burke, Charles Willeford, Jim Harrison, Peter Matthiessen, Elmore Leonard, Elizabeth George, P.D. James, John Burdett, many others.
Movies And TV Shows I Like:
Movies: Silence of the Lambs, Red Dragon; Snatch, Lock, Stock and Smoking Barrels, Fargo, Bone Collector, anything by Hitchcock.
TV: Criminal Minds, CSI, Bones, Law and Order, Mystery on PBS, Discovery channel and the late lamented Homicide and The Wire.

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  • r hirt

    Dear Jack. Thank you for the invitation. I am looking forward to the publication of your future novels. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading Schussel's Woman (A book that I believe should be required reading for students of writing) and of course St. Hubert's Stag (that takes me nostalgically back to younger days). Thanks
  • Tony Burton

    Thanks for the invite, Jack. I don't get over to CrimeSpace as often as I probably should. Your invite was a good reminder to stop by!
  • Harry Shannon

  • teabag

    Hi there, thank you for the invite.As per usual via M4u and crimespace I am now on a quest to find your books, am currently reading a Linda La Plante and listening to Lost by Michael Robotham.
  • Annette Dashofy

    Yep, we're everywhere. Sooner or later Pennwriters will take over the universe. :-)
  • Chester D. Campbell

    Hi, J.R. I'm not from PA but I did signings a few weeks ago at Mechanicsburg and Camp Hill. I have a son and grandson in New Cumberland. I'm a former newspaperman, too. Thanks for the invitation.
  • Scott Nicholson

    hey, good to see you on Crimespace, JR
  • Chester D. Campbell

    Right, son Steve has worked at the Camp Hill office of EDS for several years now. As a result, I've done signings around there for each of my four books.
  • r hirt

    Just came onsite. Clicked view thread, but, just got the comment box. How do I see the comment from Lindenmuth?
  • Mitzi Szereto

    Good to meet you too! :-D
  • Hull Crime Fiction

    Nice to see you here, John.
  • Jane Cleland

    Hi, I wanted to ask you too if it your first “Josie” tale or have you read some of the books?

    I’m so pleased you enjoyed the story.


  • Jane Cleland

  • JackBludis

    Terrific selection of books, authors, and movies.
  • Dave Zeltserman

    JR, thanks for the invitation.--Dave
  • Beth Fish

    Thanks for "friending" me!
  • Beth Fish

    Oh, are you near Harrisburg? I'm in a small town in Centre Co.
  • Beth Fish

    I'll have to look into your series -- fun to read about an area that I'm (vaguely) familiar with.
  • Malcolm Holt

    Hi there. Many thanks for adding me as a friend. Best wishes. Malcolm
  • Clark Lohr


    I watched Memories of a Murder, Bong Joo-ho's Korean crime film.

    Awkward, but deep and dark.  Thanks for putting me onto it.

    Not to pry, but what were you doing in Korea?  I was being an

    18 year old soldier (dopey kid), but it was wild.

    Clark Lohr

    Clark Lohr

  • Clark Lohr

    That's great.  You had the smarts to get onto a real job and stay in-country.  They shipped me out for Ft Sill and I volunteered for Vietnam to get out of Okalhoma.

    Clark Lohr

  • Brian Kavanagh

    JR, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. New book published and my time has been taken up with that.

     Good to meet up!



  • Clark Lohr

    Congrats on being a PIO.  That's what I wanted to be. They woudn't do it. I was just eighteen, maybe too young, but for whatever reason, they talked me into being a personnel clerk--which was real real boring. When I got to Vietnam I was assigned as a Casualty Reporter with the 25th Inf. Div.  I liked the job.  I worked at night.

  • Robert Christopher

    No Problem. :)~ \m/