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Dublin, Ireland
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I'm a freelance writer, editor and author. When I'm writing to pay the bills it's movie and theatre reviews with a variety of Dublin-based magazines and newspapers. Writing for fun means crime fiction: I've had a couple of books published, most recently in April 2007 - it's called The Big O. The first one, published in 2003, is called Eightball Boogie. I've recently started a dedicated Irish crime fiction blog called Crime Always Pays.
Books And Authors I Like:
In no particular order ... Chandler, Bruen, Thompson, Macdonald, Gifford, Leonard, Banville (V.), McKinty, Willeford, Goodis, Pelecanos, Hiaasen, Burnett, Thornburg, Ellroy, Bateman, Kerrigan, McGilloway ... actually, this could go on all night. I better quit while I'm ahead.
Movies And TV Shows I Like:
TV - The Sopranos, The Simpsons, Arrested Development
Movies - again, it's a long, long list ... classic noir, the Coen Brothers, Jeremiah Johnson, anything with Bogie, Lee Marvin, Robert Mitchum or Robert Ryan on board, the Marx Brothers, Get Shorty, Willy Wonka (the original), The Talented Mr Ripley ... again, I'm quitting now before I run away with myself.

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  • Declan Burke

    Hi Linda, thanks for getting in touch. Wow, that's fantastic news ... please tell Bobby that I'm very grateful for this enthusiasm ... I'd seen the latest newsletter, when he made The Big O one of his favourites, but it sounds like he's really pushing the boat out there ...! As for me coming to visit the Mystery Bookstore, that may well be me knocking on the door right now ... Cheers, Dec
  • Deathspiral

    Hi Declan thanks for the nice comment. I have read your books and they are excellent. Have a great day!

  • Rachel N.

    Hello Declan, I recently read The Big O and couldn't put it down. It's fantastic and I have recommended it to friends. I read your reviews in culture magazine every sunday. I love the theatre! I am a part of an actor's company that produces at least two plays a year in Dublin. If you are interested, I would love you to check one of them out at some point. Thanks for a great read. Rach