I haven't felt this much antici . . . . . . . pation since I was 4 waiting to be 5 years old.
Situation: I have 3 novels under contract with a publisher just outside of Sante Fe, NM. Finally, the first one (sold Dec 2004) is finished and rolling out. Why the anticipation?

On 6 March the first print run was done. On the 12th I was in the distributor (Ingram) catalog. Books-In-Print had me on the 14th. On the 15th, Amazon.com had the title listed, but no cover. Barnes and Noble, Borders, and Books-a-Million (et cetera) haven't posted me yet. (I know they will, since they have the other books from my publisher on their catalogs, and stores.

Here it is, Friday 23 March. The book is still unlisted, except for Amazon, who lacks the cover. Another weekend is at hand. People who process catalogs are gone for the weekend. AAARRRGGGHHH!!! I want my book out, so I can announce it!

No, I have to wait... just like when I was 4, waiting to the 5, only I don't know the date when my book will "really" be on the street. So I wait, hoping it is today, checking the web all the time... and still, it is not posted.


p.s. Irony: Amazon gave me an author page. I have three books listed:
1. How the Strong Survive (Paperback - Dec 18, 2006)
2. A Collection of valuable sermons... (Leather Bound - 1814)
3. The physician's leisure library (Unknown Binding - 1891)

I wonder how long I will get credit for the books written before my birth.

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Newt, oh how I can identify with you, and you are further along than I am! My first book is slated to come out in May. May what? people ask? Who knows!! Just hold your breath and wait!! NOT!

Oh yeah! We feel each other's pain! (flashback) I can remember my publisher asking me if I would like to be published on my birthday, 16 March 2006. Well, we missed that one. several events overtook the effort at the publisher, none of which were the publisher's fault. still, they knocked me out for another year. My pub date according to AMAZON is Dec 2006. It is now March and I am not quite there. My next B-day came and went, and still not quite there. My publisher even has a contract with Barnes & Nobel to stock her books, but the weeks roll by while I chew my nails.

I pray that May is good for you! Good luck, girl!

Congrats un the upcoming releases, Newt and Sylvia. Good luck!
Fantastic, you two! What a great time in your lives.


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