If you had to choose, which fictional protagonist would you like to have on your side in a bar room brawl? My choice would have to be Reacher. That guy could kick ass and never leave the bar stool.

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Hawk, hands down--in his younger days of course. If it were really serious with death looming, I might pick Mouse.

Hawk and Mouse ... now there's a combination.
Kernick's Dennis Milne knows how to kick some butt too. I'm with Donna on Brant, and to pull another Bruen character, Brady from Hackman Blues.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (hey you did not say which kind of fiction)
Oh man, Ali, I like the way you think! Hannibal has the added bonus of 0 concience! And the crudeness of the denizens of a bar would really set him off. I pay to see his reaction to a hauked lugie on the floor.
If it wasn't a protagonist invented by my feeble brain, I would go with Davenport from John Sanford, he is quite the couch. Ooooh, I'm witty.
Win. Definitely Win.

And I was in a bar fight St. Patty's night!
I can't believe no one has mentioned Charlie Huston's Joe Pitt. He's always getting into bar fights. Seems to win them most of the time.
I would want Louis and Angel from John Connolly's Parker series at my back. No one screws with those two. Plus they usually have a knife or a gun on them somewhere. Parker wouldn't be a bad friend to have in a pinch either.
Matt Helm
Too much good taste around here, so all my picks have been taken.
But, that's OK. I was having a REALLY difficult time choosing between Hap Collins & Leonard Pine, Kenzie & Gennaro ( w/ Bubba Rugowski in tow, of course ... ) or Charlie Parker along with his pals Louis & Angel.

And, if it HAD to be just one single fella then I guess Repairman Jack might be a good choice. He may not be the absolute toughest of the lot, but he certainly does have a good knack for getting out of places & situations alive.
Nancy Drew. She always outthinks the bad guy, and when all else fails, dispatches
him with a lightning-quick karate kick!
If I had only one choice, I'd have the bouncer on my side - specially if that Bouncer was Royston Blake (or Blakey as he's called, from Charlie Williams' Mangel trilogy). No thought, no indecision, no moralising. Just wading in there and cracking some swedes.

Maybe I'd like to have Guthrie's Pearce on my side, too. There's a hard man (ho ho!) if you need one.


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