I just received a couple of copies of my latest mystery, The Bloody Tower, in large print. I wondered if anyone out there besides libraries is buying large print books? When I go to the library, I always head straight to the LP section, which grows bigger all the time, but they're pretty expensive to buy.

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I like them, unless the print is so large your mind rambles between words. When I put my book out again I increased the size of the print a little. Previously it seemed hard for me to read.
I'd buy 'em, but I never see them in any stores. I'm wondering if Large Print publishers' main audience are library buyers.
I do if I can get an LP at a discounted price. At my age of 72 I do like the large type to read in bed at night, but I can read regular type with no problem (wear tri-focals). My local library has a good selection of LP books. My community of Dallas, OR, is sort of a womb-to -the-tomb community--lots of retired folks. The town is a little slice of Americana with original historic buildings. It even has a movie theater (cut rates for seniors), a bowling alley, and universities within 20 miles--all that and only a few miles from Salem. Occasionally I "buy" an LP mystery from a book club (I've fulfilled the contract) but generally buy autographed books online. I do wish that LP books were less expensive, but...
I know many people who prefer large print books, primarily to save their eyes after being on a computer eight to ten hours. What they complain about is the additional cost. Patg
They are easier to read, but I find they don't help with my major problem, which is that I can't focus my eyes together. This means I either read with one eye closed or I see double and read half of what I see, so to speak. My brain seems to make adjustments so that most of the time I don't even notice, but when I turn to a page with a chapter heading, the double heading jumps out at me. Fortunately it doesn't happen when I'm working on the computer, let alone driving. Only with reading--which happens to be my favourite activity :-(
I just ordered MORE large-print copies of my novel, A REAL BASKET CASE, because at a signing in Golden, CO recently, I sold eight of the ten copies I had. I sold many more of the original hardcover edition, but it surprised me that so many people were interested in the large-print. However, I shouldn't be so surprised, because I'm of the age where I find them easier to read, too.
I've realised that part of my problem is that I now have so many titles out, it's hard to make sure I have them all available at a signing without worrying about carting all those heavy LPs about. I just went to our local library and came out with a round dozen large print mysteries. My arms have stretched several inches!
I like reading LPs but the weight is a problem sometimes.
I buy large print books for my mom, though she is (at 91 years old) hardly doing any reading. I buy them at library sales as the cost is very high. I did join the large print book club to buy books by her favorite author Lillian Jackson Braun. I was upset to find when we received them that of the approx. 20 books ordered, nearly half were not large print books. I called to complain and the customer service agent was surprised at my complaint. He told me that not all of their books were large print. Stupid Me, for thinking the large print book club would only sell large print books. Maggie
Seems a reasonable expectation! I hope they took them back.
actually, they wanted payment or for me to pay to return them I said I wanted a post paid sticker as I refused to pay to return books I didn't order that was over a year ago, and am still waiting for the postage paid sticker!!


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