I like to read, but I generally nod off as I'm too exhausted!
Anybody else?

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thank you. I'm toast with just one session: 10-2. then I read (releavant stuff, fiction though). Then I clean (LITTLE, just what shows) and then it's time to start dinner, then I read afterwards. Usually in an evening I'm subjected to action films (husband's taste). some aren't bad, but some make my eyes glaze over--in which case I read again.
Of course I'm new to writing seriously now. So I might still go off the rails, hopefully not.
Now THAT sounds like fun!
I feel so dull in comparasion! thanks for that! we live semi-rurally. Believe me, I'd rather live in London--I'd take elevators too and hit all the book shops and stuff. Here in Yorkshire, I get to look at sheep and sheep leftovers! Big change from having grown up in Manhattan, I can tell you! oh well. such is life.
you mean like doggie ones?!! surely not sheep, even in sheep meadow, is it?
But there are serious sheep in Yorkshire, let me tell you.
I remember (so fondly) the days when I used to flit about happily around town (Manhattan)--trotting here and there. Now I'm thrilled there's a small convenience store not too far from home and I happily browse looking at the exciting stock like button and safety pins. I mean wow!
Of course this does all focus my concentration (seriously) and I think that's why I turned back to writing (seriously)!
all the best Angela, you made me smile!!! and it's so early here.
I'm not exactly sure what I do... I only know I usually wake up fully clothed in the bathtub with an empty bottle of lemon gin.
thanks so much for that! I'm bleary eyed from writing and it made me laugh!xxxx


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