Im writing a book on several of the women who are currently on death row. Each capter is dedicated to a woman on the row and her life before. I also talk about what happened in my life to make me feel even the tineset bit of sympathy toward these women.

Am I writing a nonfiction? If not, what would you call it?

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Sounds like it. If the stuff is true, it's nonfiction.
I get a lot of conflicting advice on this each time I send a proposal. I get great response from the query and the a lot of advice and questions after the proposal is sent.
Nonfiction I should think. It sounds like "Creative Nonfiction", though - which is very marketable these days. Certainly your subject matter is most compelling.
I think you've pegged it with the Creative Nonfiction call. Telling real stories of real people pretty much locks it into at least some type of non-fiction.


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