Hi. Has anyone created a book promo video for your website? Did it help your book sales? What format did you post? Quicktime??? Flash? And has anyone viewed any author book videos? Is it worth the time? I'm considering creating a video for my cartoon novel series, Cattle Capers (tm), but I'll have to draw the animation, which'll take some time (shortened up quite a bit by Flash). Is it worth it? Working full-time, I don't have a lot of extra time and energy for pursuing loose threads. Thanks!

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Thanks, Mari! Experimentation is indeed fun--when you have the time! I didn't realize Flash was used quite a bit on UTube. I have dial-up right now as I anticipate moving sometime this year--not the time to upgrade.
Thanks to everyone who responded. Sounds like any other method of promotion: If the person you're reaching is interested in your particular type of work, they'll be interested, regardless of the type of approach.
I have a novel coming out later in the year called "The Overnight Fame of Steffi McBride". To give the publishers something to talk about at pubication I have made a short film dramatising the opening pages, using an actress called Olivia Grodd to play Steffi. I doubt if we will ever be able to quantify how many sales it is responsible for, but I am certain it will help to bring the name and subject matter of the book to more people's attention, some of whom might then be tempted to buy it. I can't see how any exposure of this sort can be bad. The film can be viewed at www.steffimcbride.com
I enlisted a service to create a video trailer for Just North of Luck. It's on my Crimespace page as well as YouTube and my www.swhitfield.com site. Initially the video drew more traffic to my personal site, but now I can't tell much difference. Sales? Some, but I agree that it was more fun than profitable.


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