For me the last good books I read were Robert Crais' THE WATCHMAN, which really illuminated Pike for me, while at the same time being breakneck.

The other good book I read was an advanced copy of A WELCOME GRAVE by Michael Koryta, which had some very good character moments, if you've followed the series.

Next up is the book I expect to be awesome WHAT THE DEAD KNOW by Laura Lippman.

(You know, I can see how this sit is addicting, now that I'm embroiled in a live fantasy baseball draft. I keep popping on here.)

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Baseball, huh?
We were playing poker for a while.
My two favorite recent reads- Still Life, Louise Penny and The Dead Hour Denise Mina.
I haven't read Laura Lippman......yet.
The ones that won't get out of my head at the moment are:

Ken Bruen's Cross

Reginald Hill's The Death of Dalziel

John Ajvide Lindqvist's Let the Right One In
I haven't read THE WATCHMAN, yet. I will. I think Joe Pike is the best sidekick going. Thanks for the other hints.
Sara Gran's "Dope" and Anthony Neil Smith's "The Drummer". Both incredibly well written and engaging. Had a hard time putting either one down.

Next on my TBR pile is Megan Abbot's "The Song Is You". Really looking forward to that one.
Silence of the Grave by Indridason. Terrific book. Reading Christine Falls by Benjamin Black and Priest by Bruen now.
Megan Abbott's second novel: THE SONG IS YOU. WOW!
Well, I just finished Ken Bruen's ONCE WERE COPS. Wow. Uh, not published yet, so that's a real tease.

Read John Rickards' THE DARKNESS INSIDE this week as well. I hate John. It's frigging criminal to be so young and so talented. Not published yet either, but out in Canada and the UK next month.

All in all it's been a great month for my reading.
I've read some wonderful books since the start of the year - my favourites have been:
Al Guthrie - HARD MAN
Ken Bruen - CROSS
Sean Doolittle - THE CLEAN-UP

Wow - if the year continues as well as this it's going to be great! I'm currently reading Peter James' NOT DEAD ENOUGH which is a cracking read and next up is Ken Bruen's ONCE WERE COPS which I'm excited about.

Books I'm looking forward to getting my hands on in the next couple of months...Barbara Seranella's DEAD MAN'S SWITCH, David Corbett's BLOOD OF PARADISE (I love his writing, it's gorgeous) and Mark Haskell Smith's SALTY.
I've had 2 wonderful books in a row and I think I'm heading for number 3.

DEATH OF DALZIEL (aka Death Comes to the Fat Man) - Reginald Hill.
DIAMOND DOVE by Adrian Hyland

If you want to know more about either of these books, check my blog for the reviews.
I really want to read Diamond Dove, have seen some rave reviews on other sites, now it just needs to become available in England!
Raven Black by Ann Cleeves
Tilt a Whirl by Chris Grabenstein

Also, I've recently started reading Ian Rankin's Rebus series. I've read the first three, and am now hooked on Rankin.
Happens easily enough. I've read the first three, but we've been picking them up for TBR at the UBS, PDQ.(sorry)
My first husband is reading them as fast as they come in the door.


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