Amending this! Especially wanting to know good books about setting! As well as any other you care to mention. And if you're on Shelfari, please tell me! thanks.

I find that there aren't that many books about setting.
I ordered one by Jack Bickham (Setting). Waiting for it to come.
Any recommendations for good books concerned with Setting? that would be great.
In replying to a discussion I just mentioned a great book I am reading. No, not fiction. it's called "The First Five Pages." by Noah Lukeman.
it's good I think to see what an Agent has to say.
If we want our work read beyond the first five pages (or sometimes even fewer than five)--before it's on the reject pile, then we should read this book. It makes sense. No use pretending things are rosier than they are, either.
I'm analyzing and ruminating on everything he says. And it's interesting. Extremely so.
Are there any good books you'd recommend?
I have a few in mind--but I'd like to hear what you guys say--and your reasons for saying it.
some books are more helpful than others--and it might be of benefit to hear which are the best.
Thanks guys.

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Yes, I always forget to mention that! I read it some time ago and still have it. Definitely worth a re-read!
Thanks Darlene!
margot, that sounds great!
ad I thank you, will def check that out.
it's not so much a struggle as a re-examination of every aspect of my draft as this is the final edit. I'm giving it a kind of global, forensic-literary anaylsis (I'M OBSESSED)in other words!
I just don't want to edit it into oblivion.
but I do thank you!
it WILL?
it's going well--only I my confidence has these dips and peaks.
Today was a dip. Maybe tomorrow will be a peak!
seriously, thanks Margot!
Yes, it's exactly what the well-dressed cartoon character, heavily into retro wears!
seriously, you know me--sometimes I just get an itchy finger to change that old i.d.!
probably goes with the mood swings!
well, I've re-decorated on my page.
I do that--sort of the equivalent of moving furniture!
don't move it at home. don't dust either! well occasionally--or every year even if it doesn't need it(?!)
not real, put-you-away-or-on-Thorazine-mood swings, but I have days I think my writing is going great and days I don't. and that can vary hour to hour too!
I'm up, I'm down, I'm confident--I have doubts--those kind of mood swings.
The good thing is, I always feel better when I read it back. I mean all of it back from the beginning--to see how it flows etc.
so I feel this way, if it really, really stunk I wouldn't feel happy or relieved right?!
ON THE OTHER HAND, if I were developing some psychosis--and I just happened to be in the denial stage----!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
better stop now, right?
good day today--just read it back too! of course an hour from now...............................!
One of the best books I've read is Chris Roerden's, "Don't Murder Your Mystery". It was a 2007 Agatha Award finalist for best non-fiction book and has some great tips for improving mystery manuscripts. I'm on Shelfari but haven't updated my shelf recently.
actually I think it's the most worthwhile of all the advice books.
Excellent--advice that I thought about too! and took notes!


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